7 Best 2-in-1 Laptops Under $600 in 2021

We looked at customer reviews from the past to find 11 favorite sewing machines. In this test, we looked at 31 different laptop brands.

Convertible laptops are both a laptop and a tablet. A laptop is a device that can do two things. It can be a computer and it can also be a phone

These convertibles that cost less than $600 will do tasks such as web browsing, spreadsheet management, and stock trading. You can't get the most expensive laptops for 600 dollars. But you can still buy a laptop that is not too bad.

If you want a laptop that is good but not expensive, this is the place to find one.

Best 2-in-1 laptops Under $600 in 2021

A lot of people use a 2-in-1 laptop. They are light and can be used as both a laptop and tablet. People like them because they look pretty.

Before writing this article, we talked to Freedom 251's business consulting team. They told us that 2 in 1 laptops within this price range are generally targeted to art students, drawing enthusiasts, teachers pursuing engineering, nursing or law school.

1. Best Overall: Acer Spin 3

1. Best Overall: Acer Spin 3

Acer makes electronics that are affordable. The Inspiron 14z is a laptop that can be used as a tablet. In Spin 3, Acer offers a lot of features in the form of a laptop that is convertible.

The integrated GPU also handles tasks like editing and designing photos and graphics. Intel Core i5-8265U is a great quad-core processor. The Intel UHD 620 GPU does not have a video memory. This is a place where you can get graphics for your applications. Acer has a fast base speed and even faster when it is turbo mode. This means that files can be done quickly, and projects will work better.

The Windows 10 home edition is a good operating system for a laptop computer. It can also be used as a tablet. The 8 gigabytes of RAM and a 256-gigabyte solid state drive make it so that your computer starts up quickly and runs smoothly.

This screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Acer includes a pen that can be recharged. This screen has thin edges, so you have more space when you are using the screen in tablet mode.

The best way to type is to have the keys move a lot. You don't need a numpad, so you can use the space for your keys. The touch-pad is easy to use. You can move your fingers and it will respond. Acer kept the principles of conventional design when they made their keyboard. It is an island style and has backlit keys.

This gadget has wireless connection. It connects to Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5. This Acer has many things that allow you to plug things into it. The stainless steel chassis makes the phone look classy and it does not show fingerprints. The Spin 3 weighs around 3.75 pounds, but it does not look bulky. It has these things:

Acer says that their laptop battery lasts up to 12 hours. This content will help you go through the day. Acer Spin 3 offers a compromise. It is a good size and has displays on the front. This touch-screen convertable laptop has features and it's good for a budget price.

2. Best Runner Up: HP Pavilion x360

2. Best Runner Up: HP Pavilion x360

The Pavilion x360 is a two-in-one computer. It has a variety of features. HP just released a computer with a lot of power. It has an 8GB memory and 256GB of memory. People might want it because they can use it to do many things on it.

The 3.6GHz speed is really fast. The processor has a speed of one hertz. The Intel UHD graphics (the part of your computer that helps with pictures and videos) can help make the picture look better. It is important for the quality of what you see on your screen.

Windows 10 Home is easy to use. It is included with the Windows 10 package. The 16GB Optane Memory makes it so that people can access the data faster. It is like an SSD and a RAM at the same time. This is an 8 GB DDR4 SDRAM. It is good for multitasking, and will make your computer faster.

The screen is 14 inches big and has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. IPS LED-backlit displays are great for touch screens. They are good for multitouch.

The HP does not have a numeric pad on the keyboard. The touch pad on this computer can be used by two fingers instead of just one. The keyboard is in a good spot. It's easy to type and the keys are spaced out. HP puts a fingerprint reader in the computer. This is an extra layer of security.

The design might look elegant but it will get dusty. The WiFi 5 and Bluetooth give you more ways to connect wirelessly. This convertible weighs 3.55 pounds and is in a silver chassis. This laptop has three USB ports. It also has a Type-C, two Type-A, a headphone jack, an SD card reader and HDMI for connecting to an external display.

This laptop will work for 8 hours and 45 minutes before it needs to be charged again. The HP Pavilion x360 is a laptop that can be used as a tablet. It costs $349.99 and has many features that make it worth the price of admission. If you want to use your computer for 8 hours, put the brightness down and optimize usage.

3. Best from HP: HP Pavilion x360

3. Best from HP: HP Pavilion x360

The Pavilion x360 is a convertible laptop that costs less than other computers. It can be used as a tablet and then change back to a computer. HP's latest laptop has a 10 generation Intel processor, 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD memory. It can do computer stuff for you when you are at work or on the go.

The integrated Intel UHD Graphics GPU should be able to run software like Sketchbook or Illustrator. This Intel Core i3-1035G1 Processor is really fast. It has 3.4 GHz of turbo processing speed which is 1.2GHz faster than the base rate at which it operates.

This edition of Windows 10 comes with S mode preinstalled. 8GB of RAM is enough to handle many tasks. 128GB SSDs store less information than a hard drive. But they read and write data very quickly.

The 14-inch screen has a resolution of 1366 pixels wide by 768 pixels tall. The x360 is a good keyboard because the keys are in front of you and they are easy to type on. The screen on this computer is brighter because there are no glare and it has a bigger surface area for touch. Touchpad has a wide surface for your fingers. But if you put your palm on it, the cursor might move to another place.

A convertible weighs around 3.5 pounds. This laptop comes in a silver case. It has a black keyboard. The Lenovo Yoga 2 has 3 USB ports and an SD card reader. The Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth on this laptop will connect it to the internet and external devices. This means that you do not need cables.

The HP Pavilion x360 is a 2-in-1 that is not expensive. It does not disappoint. A three-cell battery lasts for eight hours, which is enough time to not have to charge it.

4. Best Value for Money: Dell Inspiron 5481

4. Best Value for Money: Dell Inspiron 5481

Dell offers a laptop that is affordable for budget-conscious customers. The Inspiron 5481 is a versatile laptop. It can be a laptop, or it can become a tablet. This would work well for people who do many different things during their day.

It can reach up to 3.9GHz when needed. The integrated UHD graphics card is important for quality images and videos. The Intel Core i3-8145U has two cores that are right at 2.1GHz.

An SSD and RAM can handle multitasking. It is easy to edit your photos when you are on the go. You can create content. This laptop has Windows 10 Home. It is made for using your laptop at home, outside, or in a tent.

The Dell laptop comes with a keyboard. The touchpad is wide and the computer is so sensitive that you can use four different fingers to touch. The numeric keypad is missing. Most laptops do not have enough space between the keys because they are missing the number pad. The 14-inch touch screen has a high resolution of 1,366 x 768. This means that it displays realistic images and shades.

The new Wi-Fi 5 protocol and Bluetooth 5 Standard keep you connected to the Internet. The Dell has 3 USB ports, an SD card reader, a universal audio jack, and an HDMI port. This laptop weighs 3.90 pounds. It is a little heavier than I prefer, but it is also very compact with its simple black body.

Dell has a long-standing reputation for providing products with value. Dell has been making computers in the Inspiron series for many years. Dell s Inspiron 5000 2-in-1 convertible has a fully flexible design. You can use it for work and entertainment. It will make your life easier.

The computer can do 3.9GHz when it needs to. This processor has a base speed of 2.1GHz. The NVIDIA GPU 620 on the laptop is really good. It can render quality images and videos.

Editing your photos and videos on the go can be an easy task thanks to advanced technology. This computer has 8GB of DDR4 SDRAM and a 256GB SSD. It can do more than one thing at the same time. The 2-in-1 has Windows 10. It can be used in any way like a laptop, tablet, and tent. You can also use it to watch videos and play music.

The Dell laptop has a full keyboard. The touch pad is wide and you can use up to 4 points on it. The 1400 x 1050 pane size of this screen provides a good way to see colors and detail. The number keys are not there. This is because laptops have enough room for a keyboard. The key spacing can be less crowded if you don't have the number keys.

The new WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 5 will connect your laptop to other things without any wires. This laptop is heavy. It weighs 3.90 pounds which is heavier than most laptops. But the design is simple and the size of this laptop makes it easy to carry around in a small bag. The Dell G3 15 has three USB ports. Two are for the new type and one is for the old type. It also has an SD card reader, universal audio jack, and an HDMI port.

Three-cell batteries can provide up to 8 hours of battery power. Dell's 2-in-1 laptop can be used for work and is also entertaining. It is perfect for students, designers, content creators, and travelers.

5. Best Chromebook: ASUS Chromebook Flip

5. Best Chromebook: ASUS Chromebook Flip

This Chromebook is a small powerhouse. The Chromebook is a good computer. It runs for 12 hours, has a touchscreen, and can do creative work.

The Intel HD Graphics 615 is perfect for video and photo editing, as well as designing. The Intel Core M3-8100Y has two parts. One part is called a clock. It goes really fast and can do lots of work in one second. It also has another part that helps it work even faster, which is called a core.

Chromebooks have 100GB of cloud storage so that you can store your stuff. This means that it doesn't take up space on the computer. This system has 8GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The more RAM, the faster it will start up. The more storage, the more apps you can have open at once. International travel is hard. It is especially difficult if you have small children with you. But there are some advantages to using Google's ChromeOS over Windows. With the ChromeOS, your data will stay synced across multiple devices.

This screen is so good. It has a really high resolution, making the image look nicer. The touch-pad is a standard size. You can use it with many fingers while using Chrome browser. The backlit keyboard has a good amount of space between the keys and a key-travel of 1.4mm. The bezels on this laptop are so small, it is like a 13-inch screen with the size of a 14-inch laptop. It is really cool!

Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 4 are standards to help you be connected wirelessly. The Flipbook weighs 3 pounds and is wrapped in a matte-silver aluminum. The USB Type-C ports are on the left and right. You can use them to charge your smartphone. The convertible computer has two USB ports, one other port for a card, and an audio jack. The computer is thin.

The Chromebook comes with a good battery life, and a nice touchscreen. ASUS is a well-known company. They make good products like their Chromebook Flip.

The Intel Core M3-8100Y has two cores that go up to 1.1 GHz. The computer is good for editing photos and videos. It can work quickly and has an integrated Intel HD Graphics 615 GPU.

Chromebooks have 100 GB of free cloud storage. The 8GB DDR4 SDRAM and 64 GB eMMC can help the computer start faster and do more things at the same time. The ChromeOS is a different operating system than Windows. But Google has a service that lets you keep your data in sync across multiple computers and devices.

The screen is 14 inches. It can show visuals at a 1920 x 1080 resolution. This laptop has a screen that is bigger than other laptops. It is also thinner. The touchpad is on the computer screen. It works well when you use the multi-finger gestures in Chrome. The backlight keyboard has keys that are 1.4mm apart and you can press them with 1.4mm of travel.

The flipbook is 3 pounds and has a shiny silver finish. The USB charging cable is on the sides of the phone. It's easy to charge with it because it's right there. Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 4 are not new, but they're perfect for a short trip. The car has two USB ports, a USB and a SD card reader.

This should take you the whole day to do. A three-cell, 48Wh battery will backup for 10 hours. Asus made the Chromebook Flip look and work well. The Chromebook Flip is a good laptop.

6. Best for Portability: Microsoft Surface Go 2

6. Best for Portability: Microsoft Surface Go 2

When you want to take a computer with you, the Microsoft Surface Go 2 is good. It has a nice screen and enough power for both business and entertainment.

The computer can do anything that it needs to. This device has a way to show pictures and videos. It is called "Intel HD Graphics 615." Intel Pentium Gold 4425Y is a double-core processor with a 1.7GHz base speed.

The 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD let you run lots of programs at the same time without any slow down. Microsoft Surface is a good computer. It has Windows 10 Home and some apps built in. You can make them for your personal use.

Surface Go needs a separate keypad cover. The screen has a lot of pixels on it. The 10.5 inch PixelSense display is reinforced with Corning Gorilla Glass and it can work with a stylus.

The surface weighs 1.2 pounds and comes in a platinum case. The laptop is very light and it's convenient to take on trips. It's easy to carry. This phone has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This is new technology, so it is very good. It has a USB Type-C port, Micro SD card slot, Surface Connector port, and 3.5mm audio jack.

The Surface Go can last up to eight hours, sometimes more, depending on how much you use it. The Surface Go 2 is a tablet that can be used for many different things. You can watch movies or TV shows, have meetings in your home with people who come to you, or work on school projects.

7. New Microsoft Surface Go

7. New Microsoft Surface Go

The touch screen on the surface go makes it one of the best laptops. A bob haircut is a famous hairstyle. Men and women can have it.

With a 10-inch touchscreen display, you can enjoy high quality images and videos. This laptop is smaller than most of the other ones. It's like a tablet. This laptop with a Pentium Gold processor can handle both standard tasks and heavy workloads. If you are a student, this is the best option for you.

The best part of the laptop is how it looks. The 2 in 1 Macbook can store 128 folders and files. This device is lightweight. It weighs 1.15 pounds. This laptop is made out of magnesium and has a beautiful finish. Microsoft designed it. Though it takes time to get started, you will have a good experience. It is slower than other tablets or laptops, but you will enjoy it.

The battery lasts an average of 9 hours. It's enough for a whole day. This product does not come with a pen or keyboard. In today's market, it is hard to find the right buyer for your home. It can be tough to find someone with enough money and who also wants your home. But you do not need to give up. Make sure that you list your house at a price that is competitive with other homes in the area with prices from $300K

The design is very good. It has a lot of connections for devices to use. The laptop has a USB C, which is used for doing more than one thing at the same time. It also has a Surface Connect and headphone jack. The 2 in 1 laptop has a price that is under $600. It is affordable and it's a good buy.

Put the Macbook down and try using a Microsoft Surface Book.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are 2-in-1 laptops different from conventional laptops?

The screen will either detach, or it will bend up. This laptop can be a tablet and a laptop. It is cool. Unlike most laptop screens, this one has a sensor that can tell how hard you are pressing on it. 2-in-1 laptops have a touch screen and can be used in different ways. Laptops can be big or small. A laptop is called a standard if it has a bigger screen and weight. A 2-in-1 laptop is small, so it has its own keyboard and touchpad.

Who can benefit from a 2-in-1 laptop?

It could be a student, a working professional who likes laptops that are portable. A 2-in-1 laptop is great because it can be used on the go. One can use an iPad for work or play. For example, you can use it at work to help with your tasks. Or you could relax on it after a hard day of work and do something fun.

Are all 2-in-1 laptops Stylus/Pen friendly?

Yes. Some touch screens on 2-in-1 laptops are pen/stylus friendly. But not all. A 2-in-1 laptop that supports external devices either has a built-in, shatterproof screen or requires one.

Is programming possible in 2-in-1 laptops?

Many programming environments do not need a dedicated GPU. Laptops that have dual core processors or more, and 8GB of RAM can run programming IDE.


These are two-in-one laptops that cost less than $600. They have been reviewed and picked for your benefit. When you want to buy a machine, read the specifications. Read what the pros and cons are.

What are you buying? If money is not an issue, you should go for the best option. If you are an expert in your field, you know what to look for when buying a home. If you want to do things faster, then you should get the best option that will be both fast and of good quality.

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