11 Best Laptops For MBA Students in 2021 [All Specializations]

Centralized school supply stores are convenient because they have a large selection. They are durable, and you can buy them there. Do you want a laptop that helps with school? Would you like to take notes on your computer in the lecture hall? Do you want to use productivity apps like Netflix?

Finding the right option can be hard. There are many things to think about when deciding which smartphone to buy. There may be a lot of technical words, so it can be difficult to make the decision. We surveyed 11 of the best laptops for MBA students.

If they are important to you. You will also find laptops with features like a touch screen or backlit keyboard, etc. We looked at many things, including the size and resolution of the screen, how much it can store and take with you, how long the battery lasts.

Minimum & Recommended System Requirements

Best Laptops for MBA Students in 2021

We have chosen laptops for people who are in an MBA program. So, without wasting any more time, let's get started on the list. Laptops are used for college work and also in leisure time. They can be used to play games, watch videos, or use the internet.

1. Best Overall: MSI Prestige 14

1. Best Overall: MSI Prestige 14

The MSI Prestige 14 is the most unique laptop on this list because of its display and graphics card. You can do fun stuff like play games on this laptop if you are not studying. It has a screen that is 14 inches and is 4K UHD. It also has a GPU of GTX 1650.

In addition, it makes watching videos or movies a lot more enjoyable. The size of the display matters. The bigger it is, the better experience people have when they come to see your product. The phone can give you 60 frames per second in games like Apex Legends, PUBG, and many more. Furthermore, you can use the Apple TV to watch your favorite shows. You will watch them in high-quality. And it has an interactive menu that you can use to search through Netflix.

The OS will let you install almost every relevant app. You won't have to sacrifice your productivity. This laptop has everything you expect. It is a 10th Gen Intel CPU. It is 16GB of RAM. It has 512 GB of storage space and Windows 10 Pro 64-bit preloaded.

Wi-Fi 6 is the type of wifi that helps students find the fastest internet. It has two USB and Dual-USB C ports, one 3.5mm headphone jack, and a MicroSD card reader. This computer has a camera at the top. You can use it to talk to people on a screen. It has something you touch with your finger that lets you enter things like passwords for websites and log in information on computers, phones, and tablets.

The Prestige 14 is a really good stove. One of its benefits is that it has a cool design. When you buy this mouse, you can choose from three colors: rose pink, white, and carbon gray.

Business travelers can usually only afford a budget laptop. This is the perfect one for them!

On this list, you will want to play the best game experience on the laptop. It has all the ports that you need to attach an external display so you can play games on a big screen. Graphics are really important for video games. The framerate (or how fast the images move) and response time (how quickly you can react) are also really important.

2. Best Runner Up: ASUS ZenBook 15

2. Best Runner Up: ASUS ZenBook 15

Moreover, you can use it for your MBA work and to watch TV programs or movies online. The ASUS ZenBook 15 is a great value for its price.

This laptop has a 10th generation Intel CPU and GPU. This means that it can do any work. We are good at picking what is the most important or urgent. But sometimes we need help. Software can help by creating boards and organizing them according to how important they are.

Some games, like Forza Horizon 4 are hard to play on the highest graphics settings. This laptop can run games like CSGO, Valorant and Fortnite. It can do this at 60 frames per second. Max-Q GPUs are not as powerful as regular GPUs, but they're still good enough for some games.

You get 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD for general school work. MBA students need a lot of space for Microsoft Office and other projects. We need a lot of memory in the computer to hold all this information, especially when we use Microsoft Office.

The main screen is very big. It's a lot bigger than most screens. The screen can show 4K videos and photos in really high quality. 4K panels are known for their accurate colors and wide viewing angles. The display is awesome. It will help you with your college event or fancy motion graphic videos.

The trackpad on this laptop is not responsive. When you see the picture, you'll notice that there is a 5.6-inch touchscreen trackpad. Dual-screen laptops are good but they have performance issues and it is not easy to use. The ZenBook 15 has a touch screen. This means that you can touch it and use your fingers to move around the screen. Other laptops do not have this, which is what makes the ZenBook 15 stand out.

The watch lasts for about 8 hours. This laptop has a really cool keyboard that is backlit and it also has a webcam. It runs the Windows 10 operating system.

It has a fast internet connection and an external screen. Most people would be able to use this. If you're an MBA student, it should be fine for you too. The ZenBook 15 has two USB ports, one MicroSD card reader, and a single HDMI port.

It is perfect for an MBA student. Laptops have a long battery life. They are powerful and portable. The ZenBook 15 is a good option for you. This is because it has these points that might seem not so important, but they are actually very important. Laptops are changing. They are now available in many different sizes and shapes. There is not one style of laptop that fits everyone.

3. Best 2-in-1 Convertible: HP Spectre X360

3. Best 2-in-1 Convertible: HP Spectre X360

The HP Spectre X360 is a laptop that can change from being a laptop to being a tablet. It's great for people who want to use their laptop in different ways.

This computer comes with Windows 10 Pro 64-bit The HP ENVY features a 10th Gen Intel Core i7-1065G7 CPU. It has 16GB of RAM and also comes with a 512GB SSD. This is good for your user experience

This article is for people who are business students at the MBA level. It will make the person more functional and productive.

Jacob, MBA Student at Yale University

The touch screen display is good enough for teachers and students to talk on video. For students and professionals, the 10th generation processor helps them manage their spreadsheets better. It also has good storage space for their documents, resources, and training videos.

The MacBook Pro has a camera, a backlit keyboard, and other things. The camera is 720p. It has other things too.

For most MBA students, this is more than enough to charge. The webcam switch, microphone mute key, and fingerprint reader are useful features. This car has sound speakers that are high-end. They are good for listening to music. You can attach an extra screen to your computer. The screen will show what is on the computer. The following are things that make it easier for a person who goes to business school to do the things they love.

The chair is flexible enough to fit in any work environment. It won't look too generic. The X360 is a type of gem. It is cut out of metal that is very hard to find and it is rare. The battery life on this laptop will last about 12 hours. It should work for the whole day if you only do light things.

This game could do better with battery life and performance. But it does not have these problems very often. For MBAs, a high-end computer is important. It needs to have a good CPU, lots of RAM and an SSD. In conclusion, the X360 is an amazing device. Its battery life and weight make it perfect for students but also allows professionals to work from home with a laptop that weighs under 3 pounds. When you have the internet, you'll be able to see all the information in the world. You'll be able to work on documents quickly and even play games or watch movies if you want!

4. Best with MacOS: Apple Macbook Pro

4. Best with MacOS: Apple Macbook Pro

The Apple Macbook Pro is more expensive than the Windows laptop. A watch is a luxury item and needs to be treated with respect.

The first step is to install the chip. I said that ports are the same. The story doesn't change. The 13.3-inch MacBook Pro has two ports for Thunderbolt 3. I'm going to talk about what MacBook Pros have that other laptops don't. But first, let's talk about what they both have in common.

The Pro weighs almost two pounds, while the Air weighs just under one and a half pounds. The MacBook Pro has more than the MacBook Air, even though it is also popular. The two laptops also run the Mac OS Big Sur. They have the same keyboard, touchpad and webcam.

The Note 9 has the longest battery life. If you have to do work that is not part of your coursework, this gadget makes it easy. An OLED touch bar replaces the physical function keys. It is better for heavy work because it won't get hot, and it is also good at staying cool.

The Pro is 500 nits bright, and the Air only 400. The extended color gamut in these devices is important because it ensures that you don't miss any details. This is especially true when looking at work-related material.

If you want a MacBook, but don't have enough money to buy a MacBook Pro, consider buying the MacBook Air. If you want a computer with longer battery life, better cooling, and a more detailed screen, then the MacBook Pro is the best choice. The Macbook Air and the Macbook Pro have come closer to being the same. That is good.

5. Best with Dual Storage: Lenovo ThinkPad E15

5. Best with Dual Storage: Lenovo ThinkPad E15

The ThinkPad has been a good laptop for many people for a long time. The Lenovo ThinkPad E15 is a good laptop. It is reliable and people use it in their business.

This camera has the most storage capacity out of any other camera on this list. A 10th Gen Intel Quad-core Core i7 CPU and 16GB of RAM makes a good workstation.

You get 1GB of SSD storage and 2GB of HDD storage. If you want to use your laptop for something that requires a lot of computing power, then this would be a good choice. You will need 3 TB of storage for most people. It is enough even for MBA students who do not use large files often.

Additionally, you can charge your phone with the three USB ports and plug into an HDMI or Ethernet port. The Lenovo ThinkPad L450 laptop is a 15.6 inch laptop. It has a 1920 x 1080 display and 720p webcam. It also has typical mouse and touchpad inputs.

This computer is great for students who do not want to work on the computer. You can manage data transfers and other tasks. This interface is designed for people who have a lot of power. It lets you transfer data quickly and has an external display. It also has a charger.

The battery life on the laptop is not good. You can use your tablet for some tasks, but it is not strong enough for multitasking. If you need to do heavy multitasking, like editing a PowerPoint presentation, bring a power pack with you.

The laptop is the same as a ThinkPad. It has the same design and everything. The ThinkPad E15 is more powerful than other laptops. It is also heavier and bulkier. Despite its weight and battery life, the arrangement of its ports and storage capacity are strengths that make up for these weakness.

If you're looking for more power, the H-series might be good for you. They don't have any problems with slowdowns or anything like that.

6. Best Battery Life: LG Gram

6. Best Battery Life: LG Gram

The LG Gram is a long-lasting laptop. The Asus ROG II laptop is more affordable than many higher-end laptops, but it has plenty of features.

The laptop has 8GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD. The 10th Gen Intel Core processor is good for a student that does things like accounting.

This is an adapter. It also has a wire that connects to the internet. If you want to show something on a screen, it can be attached. This device has 3 USB ports, one USB-C port, 1 headphone jack, 1 HDMI port and 1 MicroSD card reader.

IPS panels are known for accurate color reproduction and great viewing angles. Some people use these computers for things like watching movies and editing photos. You can see all the resources about any MBA track on this computer. The screen is very sharp. The LG Gram's 15.6-inch 1920x1080 IPS display is a big plus.

The keyboard backlit and the fingerprint reader are also useful. This webcam has a resolution of 720p, which is perfect for video conferences.

This laptop is not good. It's not good for games. This computer is light and portable. It weighs 2.41 pounds and has 18.5 hours of battery life. Additionally, it is a good choice for you if you use video conferencing apps such as Skype and Zoom often or binge-watch shows on Netflix.

LG Gram laptop is perfect for school work and isn't only good for playing. Some people who have a lot of business travel need a laptop. This one is easy to take with them. You have a phone. If you want it to work for a long time, you need to not take it with you when it is heavy.

Rebecca Jolie

You might want to use another device if you already have a desktop PC. Or it is possible that you might choose to do this. You can use a tablet to do simple tasks. It is good for sending emails, video chats, browsing the internet, watching YouTube or Twitch.

In this LG phone, the battery can last for 19 hours at a time.

7. Best Budget MacBook: Apple MacBook Air

7. Best Budget MacBook: Apple MacBook Air

This computer is fast enough for many things. It can do the work of a lot of other computers. The Apple Air is a good laptop. It was a good choice before it's recent update, but now it is even better. Apple's new M1 chip is great. It is very fast, and it has eight cores.

We said in the specifications that this laptop has 8GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD, but it can be upgraded to 16 GB of RAM with a 1 TB or 2 TB SSD. You can order a Macbook Air online. It will have the things you need.

This makes it a good option for people who need specific things.

You can play games on an Xbox console but not as easily as you would on a PC. Intel's iGPU is as powerful as the AMD Radeon RX 560 and Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti.

One app that a family can enjoy is the App Store. It has lots of free apps. The truth is, Macs weren't designed for playing games. Laptops can be too hot when they are at the highest settings. There are ways that you can do this. This service provides a more affordable and accessible option to gaming. PlayStation 4 and 5s can use the Remote Play feature.

However, because you already have tools like Microsoft Security Essentials and MS Office, it is likely that your system configuration is already good.

This will help your laptop stay cool and work better.

The display is 13.3 inches and it has a 2560 x 1600 resolution. When you work on a laptop, the strain on your eyes is much greater. This can be helped by lowering the resolution of the screen or putting in glasses that are designed for looking at screens.

Explain: The human eye cannot see individual pixels past this point. This sentence needs help. To be clear, you should consider a high resolution display. You don't need to buy an Apple product in order for your eyes to be healthy. What are the differences between a retina and a regular display?

This laptop has a 720p webcam. It can do video conferencing. It also has the new Magic Keyboard that replaces the Butterfly -switch keyboard from the 2019 model. And there is also a touchpad.

The screen has a lip that makes it easy to open the screen with one hand. Apple has a new laptop, and it is light. It is silver or gray in color.

The laptop has two ports. These are called Thunderbolt ports. You should have added one or two more ports. Besides, if you're a student in the MBA program and you like to share files with DC++ and other applications, the old ports are there.

Business schools are not hard. You can use a device even for the toughest tasks. This laptop has power from 4 cores. It lasts for a long time, like 18 hours.

The MacBook Pro is a little more expensive than the MacBook Air, but it has some extra features and is a bit more powerful. The latter provides excellent value for the price if you are used to Windows.

8. Best with Stylus (Pen): Dell XPS 13

8. Best with Stylus (Pen): Dell XPS 13

If you are looking for a simple option with no features, this is perfect. The Dell XPS 13 laptop is a good computer for business students. It is not too expensive but it has all the things you need to do your work.

Intel's Core i5-10310U chipset is not as powerful as it might seem. But the low power CPU can do anything that you need to do in school. The newest Intel processor has 8GB of RAM and a 13.3 inch screen. It's really fast at doing anything you want it to do.

This is enough for most business students. You can transfer data, add external displays and peripherals, and charge your devices like your phone or smartwatch while travelling. The XPS 13 has a lot of ports. There are two Thunderbolt 3 ports, one USB-C port, and one headphone jack.

The 256GB SSD drive might be hard to carry around. But that is not a problem for most MBA students.

This battery is small. It lasts for about 11 hours. Dell's design is not new, but it does look sleek and stealthy. The conclusion is that this laptop is good for students of business. It has powerful specs and a touch display. The price ranges from $1,000 to $2,000 depending on the specs you want.

9. Best Compact Laptop: Microsoft Surface Pro 7

9. Best Compact Laptop: Microsoft Surface Pro 7

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is a good device that you can take with you and use it as both a tablet and laptop. The specs are good because they fit the purpose of this device.

The Intel 10th Gen CPU and Intel Iris Plus graphics provide you with a better system for work or play. With a powerful Intel Core Quad-Core, this Dell XPS 28 All-in-One PC offers great power and graphics optimization. This computer has 16GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. It also comes with Windows 10 installed and an optical drive too.

There are many reasons the detachable is relevant. TVs that are 1080p are not Ultra HD. This resolution is different from the resolutions in the past, and it is. The screen on this computer is 12.3 inches and has a resolution of 2736 x 1824. The computer has a 720p HD webcam, backlit keyboard, and a touchpad. It lasts for 10.5 hours on average.

Though the ports are not in a good place, they are there because the laptop is small and powerful. The Surface Pro 7 has lots of different ways to plug things in. There is one USB-C port, one USB-A port, a Surface Connect port and a Type Cover connection. There is also a MicroSDX card reader for camera memory cards and headphones for sound.

The stylus pen is in the box. No matter what, the Surface Pro 7 is reasonable for anyone who wants to use it as a tablet. It can also be used as a laptop with little effort.

The best type of phone is one that can be carried with you and it has a good camera. The Apple iPad Pro is a good device to use when you are outside. You can take notes, reply to emails and do video chats on it. If you want to study, you can read articles on the Internet or plan ahead for your work.

10. Best Under Budget: Acer Aspire 5

10. Best Under Budget: Acer Aspire 5

Firefighters make their work easier with fire sharing, workflow management, and financial resourcing. The AMD Ryzen 3 2200U processor and the integrated GPU, AMD Radeon RX Vega 3, are a powerful combo. If you are looking for a laptop and it is in the $700 range, then see our Acer Aspire 5.

As a business school student, you should not have to worry about multi-tab browsing. This computer comes with 16GB of RAM, which means that it will run smoothly. It also has 1TB of storage space on a solid state drive, so you can store all your files.

This laptop is also equipped with a color-accurate 1080p display. The screen size and resolution on this laptop are good but IPS panels have poor viewing angles. This probably won't cause major problems for most people. It is important to know this anyway.

This computer has a card reader and a nice Thunderbolt port. They are good, but the price is too high so they are not necessary. The Aspire 5 has all the usual things: a webcam, backlit keyboard, and touchpad. You get 3 USB ports, 1 HDMI port, 1 Ethernet port, and 1 headphone/mic combo jack.

These are the things that MBAs need. The tablet can be used to consume content and it can also be used for light gaming. With 4GB of RAM, you will be able to do a lot of things. You can use your phone without any lag. You can get more done because you can open multiple tabs and apps.

The battery life is about 6 hours. MBA students can still work around this minor problem. The biggest thing that makes me not want this laptop is its battery life. It lasts very little, and I need a long time to get it back up. If you want to use your device outside, you might need to take an extra battery with you.

This laptop is very good for work. It is simple and sleek. The Aspire 5 doesn't look like it is for a future, but that's okay.

It has many good features. It has powerful specs, all the necessary ports and peripherals, a high-capacity SSD, and it is also fairly portable. This is a laptop that costs a lot of money. You will get great things from it. If you do not care about battery life, build quality and viewing angles.

11. Best Chromebook: Google Pixelbook Go

11. Best Chromebook: Google Pixelbook Go

Some people are still not sure about using a Chromebook for personal use, but they are an excellent option for anyone in the right circumstances. In addition, since the device does not have Windows 10 on it, we can set up ChromeOS for students to use in their MBA class.

The Google Pixelbook Go has an Intel CPU and a 128GB SSD. This system has a 13.3-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) display, a 1080p webcam, and backlit keyboard. It also has an extra-large trackpad with multi-touch and gesture support.

The webcam is enough for teachers to maintain a connection, but students need the keyboard.

The Pixelbook Go has only two USB-C ports. Despite being good in other ways, a laptop is not as portable as a tablet. This laptop has an electric plug and also a place where you can connect other devices.

But that's not the way it is supposed to be. At the end of the day, this is not a powerful machine. Instead of being stuck at a desk, this new office is designed to be portable.

You can also use it as an additional device. In conclusion, a Chromebook is perfect for people who do most of their work on the internet. It is possible to do most of your work on just one device. You can read emails, take notes, watch things online, and more with that device. It's a light workload.

How to Choose The Best Laptop for MBA Studies?

We made this list for you to think about in the future. When you buy a laptop, there are many factors to take into account. But with these tips, we can help you.

You might want to buy a laptop for your business course. A laptop has a keyboard and screen. This is what the teacher will use in class. You should also think about how the computer works when you are doing work on it. The computer design industry has spent lots of time trying to make the outside look good. But when it comes to what you touch on the computer, there are some things that are easy to forget.

Build your computer with good features. This makes it work better. Choosing a laptop is hard. You need to know what you are going to use it for, and which features you want. Otherwise, you might end up with a bad laptop. When you buy a travel crib, think about the pros and cons. You should be able to assemble it and take it down easily. Make sure that you also know how durable it is, whether or not there are replacement parts if needed, and if they have a warranty (if any). And of course, find a company with good customer

You should also consider the operating system. Some laptops have good hardware, but if you use the wrong operating system, then you won't be able to enjoy your laptop. This is a commitment for a long time. You need to be ready to do it. It can be hard to change when you start something new.

They are easy to use and cheap. It is good for people who do their work on the Internet browser. If you use high-end software like Photoshop, then get a Mac or Windows computer. These laptops are popular and they can be a good choice for people who are studying for their MBA.

Many people use MacBooks because they are the best. But when you don't have money, buy a MacBook. Across the industry, MacOS is the best operating system. It is more reliable and secure than other systems. It is also easy to use.

You need to consider many things before you choose. I made some points that are important. There are other things that might be more important to you. If you have been using Windows for a long time, switching to Mac OS could be difficult.

If you want to buy software, you need to [do this]. Windows is better for using other programs. A Mac computer can have problems with other computers, it can be hard to use their programs, you might not be able to use the same programs.

Some people might need to use applications that only run on Windows and not on Mac. If you know how you are going to use your laptop, then you can find the right computer. The operating system is a type of software that tells the computer how to do things. There are many different types of operating systems: Windows, MacOS, Android and Chrome OS.

This is important for a student. It doesn't need to be of DSLR quality. Zoom and video interviews can sometimes make someone's face look bad. 720p webcams work best on laptops. When you are choosing a selfie app for your iPhone, make sure it can take pictures of you. A webcam can be important on a computer. But it is more important if the only reason for the computer is business.

A fingerprint scanner can help your phone be more secure. One of the last things you should consider is whether or not you need a keyboard with a backlight. A fingerprint sensor is the best way to lock your device. You can use it to unlock your device. Sure, most of the time you can just melt chocolate when needed. But sometimes people need more chocolate than that. You will use your laptop outdoors often, so make sure it is safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already own a Windows PC which I use for most of my work-related tasks. But, I need a portable laptop as a secondary device on which I can do light tasks when I’m outside, and take notes when I’m in class. Which laptop would you recommend?

Based on what you said, you do not need a high-end or powerful laptop. It is a good idea to use your phone as an extra backup. This will just be in case something goes wrong with your PC. Unlike a laptop that you use for college or gaming, these laptops are less than $1000 and can be used lightly. You can use a smartphone for a lot of things. You can use the phone to make lists while you work or see what is happening on social media. I recommend 4 Chromebooks. Choose between the LG Gram, Google Pixelbook Go, Dell XPS 13 or Acer Aspire 5 Slim.

As a business student, it’s very important for me to protect my data. Which is the best laptop on this list in terms of security?

It is annoying and also dangerous. Buying a laptop with a good brand is the best way to avoid paying for extra things, like repairs. Additionally, be mindful to avoid computers that come with pre-installed software. This is also known as bloatware. If you are worried about your laptop being stolen, it might be worth getting a device that has a fingerprint reader. Computer security is important. You can do it with little time and effort, but they are worth the effort. Install an antivirus program to keep your computer safe. Make sure it is up to date with drivers and passwords often changed. There are laptops that have a fingerprint reader. They include the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, HP Spectre X360, MSI Prestige 14 and LG Gram.

I’m a cinephile and want a laptop which is great for watching movies, is portable, and can also handle my work tasks. Which laptop would you recommend for the best experience?

Each of these devices is good for MBA students. They all have the qualities that an MBA student needs. I would recommend one of the following three laptops. This laptop is less than $1,000 and has a large screen. It also has powerful specs. The most important part of these devices is their screens. These screens are really good because they can get a lot of information on them and they can show the picture better than other screens. The LG Gram laptops are less expensive than the $1000+ laptops. The LG Gram is an alternative option for you if you want to buy a laptop for less than $1,000.

What are the more relevant security specs that I need to consider while purchasing a laptop for my MBA coursework?

If you want to encrypt your data, start with a computer or tablet that has curtains. And make sure it has the TPM security chip. When you buy a laptop, make sure that it has the best fingerprint scanner.

Is it necessary for me to rely on a good keyboard as an MBA student?

Most people prefer a keyboard with numbers. This attribute is for people who like math or money. As a student, you should always use a good keyboard. This is important no matter what your specialization is. Finding the right laptop is important. You will use it for school, and it can be hard to type with a computer that isn't ergonomic or comfortable to type on. Make sure that you find a laptop design that is easy to type on and has good key travel.


We will break this list down. All of the laptops mentioned are good choices for MBA students. Each one is great in its own way. But it is important to be specific about what you want in your laptop. If you do not know, then buy one that fulfills the requirements of your job.

Do you still not know which one to get? Find a laptop that is right for you. You can use our Laptop Finder to find the laptop or read our Buying Guide.

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