11 Best Laptops for Streaming Twitch in 2021 [Expert Picks]

In the past, people played games by themselves on computers. Now, there are many different types of games with many different ways to play them. Streaming games has become a new trend in 2018. Players get to interact with the audience while they stream.

Streaming is when you play a game and you show it for people to watch. You will be doing this because not only will you be playing the game, but also for your viewers. Twitch, a popular video game streaming site on Amazon, has more than 2 million active users. Streaming is hard. To do it well, you need a laptop that can do a lot of things at the same time.

The laptop should be able to play the game and stream it. If you want to show your gaming on Twitch, then you need a laptop with enough resources.

Based on feedback from Twitch users, here is a list of the best laptops for streaming. To play games on your laptop, you need to buy a good gaming router. This will cost more than $100.

Some machines can't run Twitch well. Below, we will tell you about the things that are in your new shoe. Laptops are good for games and streaming. They might have enough power to play the game you want. But if you're a serious gamer, focus on the specifications of your laptop.

Minimum & Recommended System Requirements

Would you like to start? Furthermore, the models can run 3D modeling software. Now that you know the system requirements, you should look at our list of models that stream well.

Best Laptops for Streaming Twitch in 2021

Let's start! The author of this article might get money if you buy something through the link. We want to let you know that this list is not biased. This list was done for people who are looking for a new computer. We did not get paid by any of the makers on this list.

1. Best Overall: Predator Helios 300

1. Best Overall: Predator Helios 300

Game streamers are people who watch other people play games. Companies make money from them by paying them for the game footage. With more people playing games, they need a laptop. The Acer Predator Helios 300 is one of the best laptops for live streaming games.

Intel Core i7-10750H processor that turbo clocks at a high of 5GHz. This is a computer. It has games and people can play them here. People can do this on the internet for other people to watch. A hexacore processor is perfect for open world and first-person games. It can also be used in other games such as FPS and battle royale titles.

The dedicated graphics card makes it so that you can see what is happening on the Twitch streamer without frame drops. This means that while we were able to play most games on high-end settings at 1080p, our frame rate ranged from 70fps to 140fps. Regardless of what type of meat you process, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 GPU will do better than any other.

Coming to the storage, a 512GB SSD might seem like enough for mid-level gamers. Nevertheless, a NVMe SSD is faster than a regular hard drive. It will boot up the Windows 10 Home OS faster. Lenovo Thinkpad laptops have a lot of RAM. They have 16GB. Professionals can use the two M.2 slots and one hard drive bay to add more space to the system.

This feature makes the screen smooth. When someone is playing a video game, they don't see any tears or ghosting. The screen has a lot of nice features. It has 72% colors, IPS technology and LED-backlit support but what makes it special is the 144Hz refresh rate. Gamers like that feature. The Predator Helios 300 offers a 1080p screen. This is a higher resolution than most other computers. It is good for Twitch streamers because they can show people what they are playing in better detail.

The Predator Helios 300 weighs more than 5 pounds. This laptop has many ports. You can use them to connect it to another screen or for playing games from a data drive. Acer offers a keyboard where you can see what you are typing. They also offer a camera that is high definition and speakers for listening to music. Acer has a design on their computers that cools them down.

Killer Double Shot drivers are persistent with Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi 6 standard. This laptop has six hours of battery life. It could replace your desktop computer for gaming and other things you do on it.

2. Best Runner Up: Razer Blade 15

2. Best Runner Up: Razer Blade 15

Being portable and lightweight, the iPad is guaranteed to get noticed. Razer has a design that is very sleek. They can give you the best experience when they are on your desk. Razer's Blade is one of the best notebooks for gaming. It has a powerful design and great performance. The best keyboard for gamers, combined with the best mouse will make a great experience.

Razer Chroma is a keyboard that makes your typing colorful. There are 16.8 million colors and you can change the lighting effects. This computer has space for an extra hard drive. It also has a lot of RAM that you can upgrade. This laptop has three times the power of a desktop computer! You can watch movies on it. It is easy to use, and does not take a lot of space. The i7 processor is for people who want to multitask and stream rich content.

The speaker connects with Bluetooth 5.0 and Wireless AX200. This laptop has 4 USB 3.2, 1 Thunderbord, and a slot for an SD card reader. A battery works with it. It lasts up to 4 hours.

3. Best Storage Capacity: Asus ROG Strix G

3. Best Storage Capacity: Asus ROG Strix G

Looking for a computer that is good for live streaming? The ROG Strix G laptop is the perfect choice.

This laptop is light and has a great gaming experience. The latest computer hardware is more efficient and powerful for tasks like gaming, video editing, photo editing, and live streaming. This laptop is perfect for gamers. It has a fast 6th-gen Intel processor and graphics card from GTX 1650.

When the screen is viewed from a different angle, it doesn't change colors. The graphics card is a type of equipment that will make playing video games smoother. It helps by stopping any stuttering.

This cooling system is really good. It makes your PC not hot. You can play for a long time with this cooling system.

The SSD is important for games. It makes it easier to load the game so that you can play without waiting. The laptop has 16GB of RAM which benefits from faster speed, greater capacity, and less power consumption.

Boost your gaming style with an illuminated keyboard. This keyboard has a design that will make you more accurate in the dark, and it is designed to stand out.

4. Best 17-inch Machine: HP OMEN 17

4. Best 17-inch Machine: HP OMEN 17

If you want a laptop that has a long battery life, HP OMEN 17 is the best choice. The size of this laptop and its graphics should give you many options for live streaming games.

The keyboard has pictures of the keys on it so you can find them quickly. It comes with pictures of WASD keys. This laptop has a bezel that is narrow. It has a 1080p and 144Hz refresh rate. This means you will not miss anything when playing games or watching movies.

HP OMEN has a card that is really good for people who like to play games. You can enjoy the graphics and the game. The laptop will not miss any key strokes. This is because it can detect them even when you do multiple commands at once.

It has a screen that is good for looking at. It shows colors and brightness. G-Sync technology on your ASUS GTX 980 video card reduces the chance of screen tearing and stuttering. This will give you a better gaming experience.

The fan has 3 parts to help it work better. The blades are bigger and the motor is nicer. And there's something called a bearing that helps the motor stay cool for longer.

It has 1 TB of hard disk storage, a 128 GB SSD and 16 GB of RAM. If you need more space or speed, you can upgrade the hard drive or add RAM. This display is good for people who have a hard time seeing the screen. It refreshes fast, and it doesn't glare in the sun.

This computer has a sound system by Bang and Olufsen. This makes it good for games. This phone has a long battery life. It will last up to 6 hours with video playback and wireless streaming.

5. Best with Dual Storage: Asus ROG Strix Scar

5. Best with Dual Storage: Asus ROG Strix Scar

This computer has a fast processor and will let you do fun stuff like game. The Asus ROG Strix Scar GL703GE has 4 processors that make the computer faster.

It can also run 3D modeling and rendering software such as AutoCAD, Revit, Cinema 4D, SketchUp, SolidWorks. The new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 series graphics card is very fun to play with. It has great looking pictures and cool games. It also has the best performance of any other graphics card.

This fan runs more quickly at its powerful settings. The heat will go down and you can play for longer hours. Laptops are fragile. They can stop working because of dust and other stuff in the fan. To fix this problem, Lenovo's laptops have things that take out the dust and dirt from the computer. You don't need to worry about this anymore.

You can sync lightning with ASUS AURA SYNC enabled peripherals. You can use the backlight of your phone for a good gaming experience. The lightweight laptop is easy to carry and it is well-built. This means you can live stream anywhere at any time. This laptop has a keyboard. It can make different colors and patterns of light. It is good for playing games.

This gaming laptop has DDR4 memory. This lets you play games smoothly, without any lag. The perfect length of the arm from shoulder to elbow is 1.8 meters. This provides you with precise control. This new edition comes with an ergonomic gaming keyboard that is built to withstand the extended action. It has completed over 20 million keystrokes.

The speaker has powerful speakers. It gives people a good experience when they listen to it. This laptop has many ports for better connectivity. It has speeds up to 1.7Gbps.

6. Best from MSI: MSI GS65 Stealth

6. Best from MSI: MSI GS65 Stealth

Thin bezels show you less when they are small. This laptop is good for gaming. You can broadcast it on Twitch or other live streaming platforms. The camera is not in front of the people. But it still shows what's happening.

Trinity Cooler Boost fans have a new design. They increase air flow and still work at 1000-1700 RPMs. CPU and GPU are parts of a computer. They both need to stay cool, so the computer company will make sure they have a way to do that.

This object has a light in the middle that blinks to the sound of music. This keyboard is awesome! You can customize the keys. It will show you what is happening in the game so that it's easier to play.

It is a digital-to-analog converter that can support sampling. The laptop has a system that lets you hear the sound in real time. This is good for games where you need to hear the sound as it happens.

The USB charger has a port and an interface for charging current. This laptop has the latest and fastest Thunderbolt 3. It can transfer data 40 times faster than other laptops with a USB 3.0 or 2.0 port.

7. Best Under Budget: Acer Nitro 5

7. Best Under Budget: Acer Nitro 5

The laptop has a powerful processor and a graphics card. The Turing architecture is great for storing huge amounts of data. It will also make your game load faster, which is important for a good gaming experience.

This game will not get too hot even when you play it for a long time. This laptop has a cool boost and dual exhaust port design. This makes it the coolest laptop in the world! NitroSense Power Tuning means the user can monitor and control the system. Nitroglycerin technology helps them with temperature and fan speed.

The manual has a special key called NitroSense. It is on the WASD and arrow keys. If you are using your laptop in a brightly lit room, it will be hard to play your games.

This laptop has a good sound. It's good for gaming. Acer's MaxxAudio and TrueHarmony systems work together to deliver high-quality sound. It is so good that you can hear it wake up your mom!

This laptop has a way to control your computer and how it works. It also helps you prioritize playing games. Live-streaming is easy with Gigabit Wi-Fi 5. It has many ports, such as HDMI and USB.

8. Best for Beginners: ASUS VivoBook S

8. Best for Beginners: ASUS VivoBook S

The ASUS VivoBook, powered by the Intel Core processor will allow you to stream and play games without any issues.

The C720 is a computer that weighs less than 10 pounds. The laptop has a small border. This will fit the screen. A laptop gives you the power of a gaming machine and the portability of a business tablet. The technology makes the colors and contrast stay good no matter what angle someone looks at it from. This laptop is thin and light. You can use it as a tablet or as a normal computer.

This device can hold large music, video, and image files. This laptop is fast. It has a high-speed disk and lots of memory for good gaming or daily use.

This quick-connect USB Type-C connector is great for games and streaming, no matter how you hold it. This computer has HDMI and SD card ports to use with a variety of displays or projectors.

This laptop has a backlit keyboard for when it is dark. It is also good for gaming and typing. It's eco-friendly and lightweight, so you can use it on your travels. You can fold the laptop into a tablet shape to go surfing or check emails onsite.

The laptop has an in-built fingerprint sensor in the touchpad and Windows Hello which will save your password. That way, you do not have to type it each time. It is safe because no one can get into your laptop with your password!

The pixels in an image make it look like the real thing. They are very good. You can choose four different modes for this. You can choose ________.

ASUS SonicMaster provides professional sound coding and decoding so you can hear everything better.

9. Best with GTX 1070: Acer Predator 17

9. Best with GTX 1070: Acer Predator 17

The screen is on the outside and it also has HD. The Acer Predator G9-792 is a laptop with a beautiful exterior. The screen is wide. You can see it from any place. It will still be clear.

This laptop has a fast processor. It is 2.8GHz. It is easy to get a great gaming experience. A good computer is one with good graphics and a fast processor speed. This device has two speakers, and four main ones. There is also a microphone. The Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM make it so you can do many things at once. This computer has 2TB of hard drive space. It is strong enough for even the toughest games, like Fortnite.

The battery has 6000 mAh capacity. The Lenovo 390 has Bluetooth 4.1 and a Wireless-AC 1535. This laptop has two slots. One is for a SD card reader and the other is for locking the computer. This device has a power cable that works in two different ways. It can be connected to AC 120/230 V or you can use the USB power adapter. There are 4 USB 3.0 ports and 1 HDMI port.

10. Best RAM Capacity: MSI GE75 Raider

10. Best RAM Capacity: MSI GE75 Raider

The red lines on the black lid are really cool. The MSI GE75 RAIDER-023 is different than most laptops. This is a good display that will work well for gaming. It is HD and it will be easy to see on this screen. This phone is backlit. That means it looks good when you play games on it because the colors are more vibrant. The screen is easy to see from many angles. So don't worry if you are not in front of it.

This laptop has sharp images. Playing video games is like when you pretend to be someone else. This laptop is easy to use. It has a lot of power. This sound system includes a microphone, two speakers, and two subwoofers. The Dell XPS 13 has 1TB of storage and 2TB of hard drive space.

The input voltage for this device is 180 watts. This device supports Wireless-AC and Bluetooth 5.0. This laptop battery lasts a long time. It lasts longer than other laptops of the same style. Outside of these, there is a SD card reader slot. There is also a microphone and headphone jack. The MSI GE75 can be away from the mains for 3-4 hours. We don't have to worry about the battery life. This computer has 4 ports that can be used to charge phones, and an HDMI port.

11. Alienware 15 R3

11. Alienware 15 R3

The new Alienware 15 is a different laptop. Alienware is a company that makes laptops, and they are good ones. This machine can handle high levels of power because of the Thermal Design Power (TDP) system.

The upgraded keyboard lets you do more things at one time. You do not need to worry about your laptop burning out due to the cool air vent.

This is a new gaming system. It is different than the others. It has a good processor, which means that it will allow you to play games in new ways. The GeForce graphics card can create a virtual world with 4K quality. You will be able to see realistic graphics and touch the game with your fingers.

The Priority WiFi has a long battery life and it will automatically prioritize your data so you can stream. The Always Ready Mode makes the essential programs run in the background, so that your battery doesn't drain as fast. It has 3 ports that are USB 3.0, 1 port for thunderbolt, 1 video slot, and an audio slot. Most people's batteries only last for a few hours, so they can't do anything for a long time. With this backup battery, you don't have to worry about that anymore.


There are many laptops. Cars have different specifications. They are made for different purposes. The list below shows the best laptops that work with Twitch.

To be a pro-player, you need the best computer. Games are being played in more and more. They are popular with young people. A laptop that is able to handle live-streaming games while playing. Playing mind games can help your memory. This game could be for fun or for money. Listed below are some of the best laptops for streaming on Twitch.

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