7 Best Laptops For Zoom in 2021 [Online Meetings + Video Conferencing]

In the end, it's Zoom that most companies choose. Many people need to video conference now. It's important because of the pandemic. If you are looking for a laptop to use with video conferencing apps like Zoom/Skype/Google Meet, then there are these seven best-rated options of 2021.

You don't have to wonder what these laptops can do. You know. If you are using a laptop to do video conference, there is something you need to remember.

You can do a video chat on your computer. It does not matter how powerful it is. You will not just use a laptop for video conferencing. You'll also need it do other tasks and require certain specifications. For Zoom, you want to look for a laptop with a camera and good sound. The screen should be big. It needs 4GB of RAM and have at least one Dual-Core processor.

When you travel overseas, you will need wifi with a download and upload speed of at least 1.5 Mbps (but it is better if the speeds are higher). You need good internet to watch videos in other countries. You don't need to wonder.

Minimum & Recommended System Requirements

Let's take a look at the minimum and recommended system requirements for Zoom video conferencing.

7 Best Laptops for Zoom Meetings in 2021

Here, computers are categorized by budget, performance and portability. First, people tested the laptops to find out how they work with Zoom and video conferencing. Here are 7 of the best laptops in the market to meet your Zoom and other computer-related needs. They depend on how much money you have and what you need it for.

If you need to do tasks in addition to video conferencing, like streaming videos or working with large excel sheets, find one of the top 3 laptops on this list that can do those things.

This could include tools that help you defend against cyberattacks, like a webcam cover. But if you want a laptop with a lot of protection, then try to get the specs above and also a laptop that has protection.

1. Best Overall: HP Spectre x360

1. Best Overall: HP Spectre x360

This is the best HP Spectre x360 ever. We like this device because it is good for people who want to use it for a long time. It has updates that make it more special and have better clarity.

This gadget has a powerful processor. It can go up to 4.5 GHz when it is overclocked. However, Zoom calls or mobile video conferences won't cause any problems for a phone with this base clock speed and hexa-core architecture.

This powerful machine is made possible with Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM. This laptop can do things like browsing on the internet, video chatting with friends, and playing games. If you prioritize a discrete graphics card over a Lightroom suite, the GTX 1650 with 4GB VRAM is still enough to do Zoom and Skype.

Windows 10 is a computer program for working on. The UHD 630 graphics is good for Zoom calls. A computer with an integrated GPU is a computer that has the graphics processing unit (GPU) built into it, instead of having to buy a separate card. The 512GB SSD makes it easy for the therapist to record and store a session. This device has a high-resolution display. You can touch it and it works.

This webcam has high clarity and can see in the dark. This is a good webcam for on-device webcams. The IPS screen on this phone is tough. It has Gorilla Glass and it can also show high-quality video calls.

The laptop is strong because it has a metal body. The 360-degree hinge allows the screen to be a tablet size or a laptop. The B&O speakers and audio boost technology are what make this headphone set stand out.

The screen is bigger on this phone. The Dell Spectre x360 is a laptop that is not as heavy as most tablets. As far as autonomy is concerned, HP allows you to work without plugging in for 15 hours. Thus the Spectre x360 is a good laptop for people who need to move around and do things.

2. Best Runner Up: Asus ZenBook 15

2. Best Runner Up: Asus ZenBook 15

This article will talk about ____. This is a Zoom laptop with a different design and good performance. The Asus ZenBook 15 is a laptop with a nice design.

The Nvidia GTX 1650 Max-Q is a great choice for people who want to get the best viewport. This notebook has an Intel Core i7-10510U chipset. It can do many things at once like making zoom calls and doing research on multiple browsers.

Windows 10 Home is a good computer. It can do video chat and windowing. What are the best tips for traveling with your family? Traveling with kids can be hard. But you will learn from experience how to do it better. The ZenBook is a good computer. It will do whatever you ask. It has lots of storage for your files, so it can work really fast.

The lid is cool to the touch. The concentric circles on this model make it look very nice. The laptop has a silver cover. The cover is decorated with an icicle design. In order to improve the connection, there is space between the bottom-mounted speakers and the flat surface.

You can touch the bottom of the screen to make things happen. Asus is making a 4K display that has many pixels. It has 3840 x 2160, so it will be big. The Nano-edge panel is a good resource for watching pre-recorded videos and podcasts, but the ZenBook 15 also has a touchscreen near the keyboard.

This laptop has a fast, powerful processor and a high definition cam. It is perfect for everyday use or for professionals who want to video conference.

3. Best with MacOS: Apple MacBook Air M1

3. Best with MacOS: Apple MacBook Air M1

It is a computer that allows you to watch videos online. You can even watch people live. The MacBook Air M1 is a good model of MacBook for video conferencing. This is because it has the right size and weight for video conferences, and people can connect to Wi-Fi from far away.

One of the first MacBooks to use Apple's M1 processor is the Air variant. For example, if you like making 3D models, then your software needs to be able to work with what the company provides. Due to its new chipset, apps are not yet updated to work with it. You cannot use apps until they are updated.

Apple designed a brand new chip for their products. It has four cores, so that it does not slow down when you are doing lots of things. Managing video conferencing responsibilities like screen-sharing and chat is easy.

Apple's new device has a new graphics chip that is included with the device. This is an iphone that you can use for work meetings. Besides, the integrated graphics card means that you can stream live to a specific customer base.

The M1 display has a good quality. The battery can work for up to 15 hours after it has been recharged. HD webcam is good. You can use it for video conferencing. With this in mind, the battery can last for more than 10 hours. Streaming videos at 4k resolution will use the battery up quickly. This monitor has a nice big screen. It is easy to see with clear colors and a high refresh rate. This makes it easier to use the monitor for long periods of time without hurting your eyes.

The MacBook Air is very fast and quiet. It is 10 times as fast as other competitors.

On top of this, Zoom Calling can lead to lost data if your employee uses your laptop. The MacBook Air M1 has advanced security features that protect against this happening.

this phone has USB charging. In addition, this MacBook also has WiFi 6. This will let you connect to faster networks. In addition to meeting all the basic requirements for a laptop, this one has some features that are helpful if you have an interest in specific programs and systems. It has a keyboard that is really good and a display where colors are true, as well as two ports for Thunderbolt 4.

4. Best 14-inch Model: MSI Prestige 14

4. Best 14-inch Model: MSI Prestige 14

MSI Prestige 14 is the best notebook for Zoom calls and video conferencing because it has a lot of RAM. It is worth your money!

The MSI Prestige 14 has a six-core CPU. This laptop has a powerful Intel Core i7-10510U processor and 16GB of RAM. It also has a NVIDIA GTX 16 series graphics card. It is light and compact for 14-inch laptops.

The device is good for video gaming. But it is amazing for video conferences. You don't need to compromise on video performance when you use remote meeting apps.

Furthermore, the screen is great for playing games and doing video chat. The screen is good. It can show good colors and brightness. This TV has a screen that you can see from anywhere. It has a picture quality that is the best and it's very bright. The MSI Prestige 14' has beautiful pictures. It is able to show up to 4K picture quality.

Videos have HD. The laptop is lightweight at 2.64 pounds. The display covers 75% of the colors on a computer screen. It is good for people who work with images and video. The battery life of this device is really impressive. It can last for 7 hours, which is more than enough time to use the video conference.

If you are a professional who does not have your headphones, this phone comes with speakers that can be used to amplify your Zoom call. The MSI Prestige 14 is a laptop with the Windows 10 Pro operating system. This means that it can be used for many computer applications!

MSI Prestige 14 has great video conferencing. It's good at gaming and doing resource-intensive tasks on the go.

5. Best for Students: Acer Swift 3

5. Best for Students: Acer Swift 3

The touch screen on the phone has a fingerprint reader. That is safe and secure. The Acer Swift 3 is a laptop that was built for making movies and editing things. This Webcam has a camera and a video conference system.

It's not just the video-conferencing that makes this gadget a must for any professional. It is also an excellent computer with some great programs to help people do well at work while they're on their commute.

This computer has an AMD processor. Intel processors are different. Add 512GB of storage, 8GB of RAM and better graphics. This will make your work easier on the move. The notebooks have a good processor. It is really fast. It can go up to 4.1GHz, and it has 8 cores.

This laptop is good because of its properties. Furthermore, backlit keyboards are a nice addition to MacBooks. They will be more helpful in low light situations that require chatting. This is a computer that is great for getting online. You can do this with the HD webcam and wireless Intel card, so you can get online anywhere with a wireless connection.

This is important. The use of an LED-backlit panel helps to increase the power efficiency. The Acer Swift 3 has a 14-inch screen that can produce clear images. You can see the screen from many directions.

The laptop is a light and sleek machine that weighs about 2.65 pounds. This microphone is a good fit for singers. It doesn't move when they move their head, and it works without headphones. The Acer Swift 3 can support video conferencing for up to eleven and a half hours before it needs to be charged again.

6. Best for Home/Office: Dell Inspiron 15

The Dell Inspiron 15 5000 is a high-quality laptop for video conferencing and streaming. It is perfect for small businesses or brands.

This laptop is good-looking. The product was heavy, but it was easy to carry because of its light profile.

Besides, you get a 512GB SSD good enough for recording videos and booting up the Windows 10 OS quickly. The laptop has a powerful Intel 10th-generation Quad-Core i5-1035G1 processor. The Intel Core i1-7000 has a base speed of 1GHz. The max it can get is 3.6GHz. It has 6MB of cache memory, too. The laptop's big selling point is that it has powerful Intel graphics. This makes it great for video conferencing. It's especially good if you want to use the laptop with Skype.

You can run different programs when you are using Microsoft Office and the laptop will not slow down. You can use 16 gigabytes of RAM to do lots of things. Videos will work, for example.

The screen is not reflective and is brighter. This means you can watch videos without straining your eyes. This laptop comes with a screen that is 15.6 inches big. It has a 1920 x 1080 resolution. The HD webcam makes it easy for people to see you. It is really clear and they can see you in the video.

Apart from that, Dell Inspiron 15 has its own special perks. It has great speakers and a keypad. It also transfers data really fast.

Invest in the Inspiron 15 if you are looking for a computer that is mostly designed for productivity-focused tasks such as Zoom calls and more.

7. Best 2-in-1 Laptop: Lenovo Yoga C740

7. Best 2-in-1 Laptop: Lenovo Yoga C740

The computer is powered by the Intel's 10th Generation Core i5 Processor. The Lenovo Yoga C740 is one of the best laptops for doing Zoom video conferencing. A 17.3 inch screen is better than before. It will have faster wireless speeds, better graphics performance, and faster CPU performance.

Video conferencing is an effective product if it has these features. The efficient processor is good for the graphics and RAM. It is perfect for UHD displays.

Videos will load and save without any delays. This model has a battery life of 12 hours. The 512GB SSD unit is the best for reading and writing. It reads and writes 2.7MBps and 3.5MBps respectively.

This screen is 14' long. It is good for watching videos. The videos on this product are not the best, but they are good enough for Zoom and other video conferencing applications. A high price is worth it because the eye strain is reduced and you can use a touchscreen.

The 14-inch version of the laptop also has a HD webcam and quality stereo speakers. The touchscreen is good because you can use it with video streaming applications. If you want a bigger screen, there is also a 15.6-inch version of this laptop.

This computer has a really great microphone and login. You will be able to work better.

What You Need to Consider When Choosing Your Laptop for Zoom

1. Processor

A processor that works well allows you to watch videos without any problems. You should buy a new computer that has the minimum requirement. A 3rd generation processor or a 4th generation processor might be good to use if you want to save power. High-quality processors are supposed to be an important part of any video conference. They make the video conference better.

2. RAM

A lot of RAM is helpful for any video streaming app. If you use Zoom for business, you need at least 8GB. To stream videos related to your social life, you need at least 4GB of RAM. The more RAM you have, the faster your computer will work.

However, you do not need to choose a laptop with 32GB or 64GB RAM.

3. Display

When you buy a laptop, think about the display. This will help you see what is in a video. A good display would make it easier for you to see people during conferences. When buying a laptop, look for one with at least an 11-inch display. Have the display be full HD resolution.

4. Audio

We have many things that are not connected. If the call has bad sound, it can be frustrating. You can check on a laptop to find out this. Some brands, such as Microsoft and Logitech, offer great systems. A laptop with a good sound system and microphone is a good idea. Look for the Dolby Surround System logo on the speakers or at least front-firing speakers. Instead, invest in a high-quality headset to use to talk on the phone.

5. Camera

High-quality videos need a resolution of 1080p and above. 1080p and higher resolutions will provide a sharp video quality as long as the internet connection is fast enough on both ends. The best thing to buy is a camera. You can choose between a Microsoft HD camera or a Logitech HD camera. The quality of your photos will depend on the type and model of computer you have. You can use the built-in camera on your laptop to do Zoom video conferencing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it necessary to get a future-proof processor for Zoom calling?

If you buy a laptop with a good processor, the laptop can handle new apps and video conferencing. A chat feature will be developed by using an AI-capable processor. Using the computer with more than one person can also be done in new ways.

Why are most high-end notebooks not good enough for video conferencing?

If you give a notebook enough power, it will have a fan that will be loud and might affect the sound. Digital zoom makes expensive laptops not great for use with video conferencing. As these computers make lots of sound, they're not good for it.

Is it necessary to select laptops with high-end microphones for managing Zoom calls with ease?

This on-device function helps you manage your live sessions and video calls without a headset. There are two ways to attend Zoom sessions. You can buy a headset for an external computer, or you can buy a notebook with studio-grade microphones.

Which is the most crucial connectivity standard to consider while purchasing a laptop solely for video conferencing?

Wi-Fi 6 is a good way to connect with your clients or team members. It's the latest and best type of Wi-Fi.


The laptop is fast. It can do almost any task. The HP Spectre x360 is our winner. It has a great display, it lasts for a long time and it is portable. Zoom Video Conference is a good service for video conferencing. It is easy and affordable.

For example, students can use Prism for their term papers. This laptop also does other things. It's not just for video conferencing. Gamers will like that this laptop is good for playing online and offline. People who make videos can use the HP Spectre to do different things.

Acer Swift 3 is a good choice if you like to travel. It is lightweight and portable. Lenovo's Yoga C740 is the best choice for people who like 2-in-1 laptops. The Dell Inspiron 15 is a laptop that you can watch videos on if you enjoy watching them online. It is light and affordable.

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