8 Best Laptops Under $600 in 2021 [Bang For The Buck]

If you want a fast and affordable laptop that will not be slow, then this is the one for you. You cannot expect a $600 laptop to do things that are really hard. It will not work for games, video editing, or 3D modeling. We looked at many different models. We tested them and compared them. Then we found the perfect one for you.

It doesn't matter what your needs are. If you need a laptop, there are many options here. Although this budget is popular among college and grad school students, cheaper laptops are available. They are not as expensive.

However, many laptops come with an Intel Core i5 or equivalent AMD processor. This is important for the laptop that we have talked about. Laptops cost a lot less than they used to when you bought one with an Intel Core i7 processor.

When you want a laptop, you need to decide what you want before. If you are a traveler, then you should place top priority on mobility and aesthetics. If you like to use your PC to do things such as digital content creation or graphic design, make sure that you don't focus too much on the monitor.

Best Laptops Under $600 (with SSD) in 2021

All laptops on our list come with an SSD. Here are eight options for middle of the road laptops, which can be used as all-purpose products. Laptops cost $700 or less. You can get a decent one for $600 or less. The products on these pages are what we chose based on the specifications, price, design and reviews from people just like you.

1. Best Under $600 with 512GB SSD: ASUS VivoBook 15

1. Best Under $600 with 512GB SSD: ASUS VivoBook 15

The new and improved ASUS VivoBook 15 is one of the best work laptops you can get for $600. The Asus laptop is light and not heavy. It has parts that are good for your computer.

This laptop has a CPU and 8GB of RAM. Together, these components make sure that the device will not have any lags. ASUS offers a 512GB Solid State Drive. That means that it is fast and boots up quickly. The 10th Gen Intel Core i5-1035G1 CPU is a computer chip that is 1.1GHz and can go up to 3.6GHz when needed for turbo processing.

This laptop has a big screen that is really thin. We get a high quality screen that is 1920 pixels wide.

This laptop has a screen-to-body ratio that is higher than its competitors. The bezels are slim, so the display is cleaner and better. Windows 10 Home edition is a basic version of Windows that has features such as the Edge Browser, Start menu, and complimentary upgrade to the Pro version.

The Intel Integrated GPU makes the visuals come to life and makes it easier to do video chats.

The battery lasts for 8 hours if it is fully charged. Other hardware features are improved. We have a lot of USB ports for computers to plug in. Asus has a fingerprint reader for better security. It also has Bluetooth and backlit keys for typing easier.

2. Best Runner Up: HP 15-DY1036NR

2. Best Runner Up: HP 15-DY1036NR

This laptop is fast and cheap. It is good for people who care about how quickly the software works and how much it costs. HP has many products to offer. One of them is bringing mid-range products to market. An 8GB Random Access Memory and an adequate SSD can provide a powerful 10 Gen i5 processor. This means it will be fast on your computer without any trouble.

The HP-15 features a 1GHz processor, which is fast. 3.6GHz turbo boost enables the processor to speed up when it needs more power. The integrated Intel UHD Graphics processor is perfect for photo editing and games like SIMS, Faster than light, and Football Manager. Moreover, the software is compatible with a number of different tasks including blogs and web articles.

The Windows 10 Home edition on the laptop is 64-bit. But it saves a lot of space that would otherwise be taken up by two televisions. This Samsung Notebook 9 Pro has a 256GB SSD that is both fast and durable. A 256GB hard disk drive might not seem like a lot of storage space to some people. A 8GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM is not upgradable, but it has enough speed to last.

The laptop has a display that makes the best of your TV indoors. The micro-edge bezel keeps the visuals clear on your screen. It provides extra room so that they are not blurred.

This keyboard has enough keys to be comfortable. HP 15 has a keyboard, and it also has a number pad. The touchpad is the area to use your fingers on a laptop. If it is wide, then there is more space for accidents to happen.

The MacBook is a good laptop with a sleek design and it has a silver finish. The laptop supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This means that you can get data faster. This computer has 3 ports for USBs. It also has an HDMI port, a 3.5mm audio jack, and an SD card reader.

Using your device without turning up the brightness helps the battery last longer. The $600 HP laptop has 8GB of RAM and an SSD. The HP 15-dy1036nr comes with a three-cell, 41Wh battery. It can work for 10 hours before running out of power.

3. Best with Backlit Keyboard: Acer Aspire 5

This laptop is for a business owner or engineering student who needs a laptop. It has everything they'll need to complete their work.

3. Best with Backlit Keyboard: Acer Aspire 5

The Acer Aspire 5 has a slim and metallic design. Acer has another product launch and it is doing well. The top of this house has the aluminum look. It makes it look like a wood frame. This is 4 pounds. It's not too heavy for people to carry it.

The Acer color intelligence technology means that your pictures will look more vibrant and have better quality. A blue-lit shield created by the company is good because it makes no glare and it is easy on your eyes. This screen on this computer is really good. It has a lot of colors and it is very clear.

This computer has 6 MB of Smart Cache storage and 8 GB of RAM. The new 10th gen Intel processor is great because it is faster than the old one. The Intel i5-1035G1 is a good option. It can handle tasks well, like professional work.

A PCIe SSD is a type of technology that is used for storage. It has improved read, write, and transfer speeds.

Just so you know, if you have a PCIe SSD, it has a higher bandwidth than SATA.

The Intel UHD graphics processor makes the user interface faster and more responsive. This device has a battery that lasts up to 9 hours. So it can be used when the power goes out.

The Acer Swift 5 is a good laptop. It has a fingerprint reader and lights to see keys easier. Other than that, our phone has a port for USB Type-C. It also has other slots of function. The phone has a lot of new and innovative features. It is louder than other phones, and it can connect to Wi-Fi 6, which is the fastest connection possible.

4. Best Battery Life: Acer Swift 3

4. Best Battery Life: Acer Swift 3

The metal design looks very expensive. This device is very thin. It stands out because it has a sleek design. The Acer Swift 3 laptop has a metal body that looks good. I like it. The laptop is 3 pounds and perfect for people who do not want to carry a lot. It is good for travelers on-the-go, too.

The IPS panel and its slim bezels make watching media more vibrant. In the Windows 10 Home pre-configured OS, the interface is more intuitive. The 14-inch display of this laptop is 1920 x 1080 pixels. This provides the sharpest, clearest possible viewing angles.

The laptop has Intel UHD graphics. It is good for rendering graphics. DDR4 is a type of RAM. You need 8GB of it to make the CPU better. Acer computers have a fast Intel Core i5-8265U chipset. It can clock up to 3.9GHz, which means you don't have any problems with it. You can use it for things like Twitch streaming or GIS software.

We get a unit that supports faster boot-ups and also has a big storage space. This battery will last for a long time. It does not need to be plugged in for power. Users are able to enjoy a cache that can help them get the production they need. They do not have to give up any data.

The fastest internet is on display. This phone has great sound. It is made with True Harmony technology. Acer has USB ports and a backlit keyboard and an HD webcam. These are great for online schooling.

5. Best Under Budget: Lenovo IdeaPad S340

5. Best Under Budget: Lenovo IdeaPad S340

The Lenovo IdeaPad S340 is good for students, office workers and people who do Microsoft Office software. This laptop weighs 3.96 pounds and it has connections that are like more big laptops.

The computer comes with a 128GB solid state drive, which is both fast and limited. Intel integrated graphics processors can help you watch movies or see a video. The Intel Core i5-8265U processor and 8 gigs of RAM can help you do the tasks you need.

The device is light and thin, and it doesn't break easily. This is a perfect laptop for people who are young, teachers, doctors, and other professionals.

Windows 10 Home Edition has a more improved interface. The Acer laptop has a good screen. It is 1920 x 1080 and it is bright. This addition can make you more productive. You will not have to look at a screen for a long time. This device has a screen that is not very good. But the anti-glare screen can make it better.

Most importantly, this device has an OK number of ports, even though it is cheap. This device has speakers. They are very good. The technology they use is Dolby Audio. This device has a battery backup that can provide up to 8 hours of power. The webcam has HD quality and the microphones are digital too.

6. Best with Dual Storage: Dell Inspiron 15

6. Best with Dual Storage: Dell Inspiron 15

Moreover, this laptop is light and easy to carry around. Here is a laptop with two storage areas. It has one for files and the other for photos and videos. The Dell Inspiron 15 3000 is one of the slimmest laptops under 600 dollars. It's less than an inch thick.

The GPD Win doesn't have a touchscreen. The buyers of this technology can save on power consumption and use it for a long period of time without charging. The 1366x768 resolution is not the best. But it's still really good because you can see it from all angles. This laptop has a 15.6 inch screen that is energy efficient and uses LED technology.

The Intel UDH also supports gaming. Gaming is when you play something like soccer or a racing game. The 10th generation Intel Core i3-1005G1 chipset is better than the 7th generation i5 processor. Turbo Boost is a feature that helps people do more. It can go up to 3.4GHz and has 2MB of cache memory.

This is one of the few gadgets that has two storage units. This device has a battery that can last for 5 hours without needing to be recharged. We get a 128GB SSD module and 1TB hard disk drive.

There are two slots in the notebook for connecting things. The device has Windows 10 OS S-edition.

7. Best Touch Supported: HP 15 DY

7. Best Touch Supported: HP 15 DY

The HP laptop is light. It is easy to carry and use anywhere. This laptop is popular among people who want a computer in the $600 budget. HP is joining the trend of touch technology. This is for professionals and students with mid-range requirements.

If you purchase the HP Spectre, you get Windows 10 Pro. This machine's screen is big. It has a 15 inch screen and the resolution is 1366x768. A display with an integrated graphics provides high quality pictures even though there are low pixel density. This company says they can support 10 fingers. This is not a problem for the company.

The 10th Gen Intel Core i3-1005G1 SoC has a great processor. It is important for many applications. Compared to the 7th Generation i5 chipset, performance is boosted with its turbo boost clock speeds of up to 3.4GHz. This device has 8 gigabytes of RAM and a 256 GB hard drive. It is good for fast boots.

When you use an SSD, it will make sure that your game applications or even the daily backups can run smoothly.

The 41-watt battery unit allows professionals to work for at least 8 hours without interruption. HP provides many features for the user. There is a connection for a Type-C and Type-A ports, and HD cameras. It also has wireless connections that are reliable.

8. Best Ultrabook: Microsoft Surface Go

8. Best Ultrabook: Microsoft Surface Go

This device is easy to carry around for its size and weight. Microsoft Surface Go is a nice looking gadget. It has many features and it also looks good. It is very thin and has a thickness of less than a quarter of an inch. The keyboard and stylus are not necessary. They need to be purchased separately. The keyboard and stylus weigh less than 1 pound, so they don't make the laptop heavy.

The tablet has a screen that is 10 feet long. It also has a resolution of 1800x1200. The Surface Go also has the Windows 10 operating system. It can stay in power-saving mode or it can change to its usual version of Windows 10. Using the pen on Surface Pro 4, it responds to your touch. The technology feels natural and easy.

The powerful computer chip and 8GB of RAM mean you can do the basic tasks quickly. The Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y is a good computer. It has enough power for most people. The base clock speed is 1.6GHz. Besides that, the Microsoft computer has an integrated Intel HD 615 GPU. That is so it can show high quality visuals and play games for people who just want to relax.

The storage capacity of this device is 128GB. This is a fast storage unit. The Surface Go has two cameras. One is in the back and one is in the front. They both have strong ratings! We get an extra hour of battery life when S-mode is enabled.

Additional features of the computer include built-in speakers, a good set of ports, and an authentication system that protects passwords.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features to look for in a laptop under 600 dollars?

If you can, get a device with a big battery. If you want to spend between $600 and $700 for a laptop, then make sure that the laptop has good processing power. A desktop computer with an i5 processor and 8 GB RAM will make you more productive.

Can these laptops be used for gaming?

However, the Acer Aspire 5 and even Asus VivoBook laptop are for gamers on a budget. If your device has a GPU, it is possible to play some games. You should not play video games that are too graphic and violent. They might make you feel bad. Most laptops don't have a graphics card for playing games.

Which features must be prioritized by students?

A battery backup is important for people who often lose power. For academic usage, you need a powerful battery and reliable RAM. Students usually work with a lot of data and RAM helps them because there are less delays.

Which storage unit to go with in case of $600 Laptops?

We recommend a dual storage module. It is in Dell XPS 15 3000. If you already have a processor and RAM, a traditional hard drive will work. Solid-state drives, or SSDs, make a computer boot up faster. This is good because it is fast.

Can these budget laptops live up to professional preferences?

Gadgets usually have a lot of RAM. 8 gigabytes are required for even the most advanced professional tasks. If you only want to do basic computer tasks like spreadsheets, typing, and video calling, any laptop from this list will be good.

Should I opt for a standard clamshell model or a hybrid?

If you want a car that is easy to drive and can go in any direction, get a hybrid, convertible, or all-wheel drive vehicle. If you spend a lot of time sitting in your office, we recommend a clamshell laptop. This means you can have more features without sacrificing mobility.

The Verdict

We researched 61 laptops and tested a few of them. We listed the top 10 best options in the under-$600 price range.

The decision is up to you. The Acer Swift 3 can be used every day without running out of battery. And it has a lot of storage. The ASUS VivoBook 15 is the best laptop for people who work from their homes or offices.

Is there any point in buying a device that is not made for what it was intended to be used for? If you can't find a laptop for under $700, try adding $100 to your budget and looking again. The way people use their phones is different from person to person. You should buy a phone that you think you will like.

We also try to keep this list up-to-date by adding new articles. If you know of any laptops not in this list, please contact us.

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