11 Best Laptops for Nursing School Students in 2021

Nursing students in the United States need a good computer. Has your college asked you to get a library card? Most people do not allow machines that are more than three years old.

Don't worry, because we ranked and reviewed computers to take care of all your needs. Some laptops are better for you than others. There are many brands to choose from.

As a nursing student, you need a laptop. It should be thin and light so it doesn't weigh you down. The laptop should also be sturdy enough to withstand your visits to the hospital while in class. Finally, the laptop needs to have a good performance so that you can meet professional standards.

You do not need to buy a laptop that is the best. You just want one that can run Microsoft Office programs and lets you use the Internet for research.

Let's look at it! To make sure that students have the best chance of success, our experts have put together a list of laptop specifications for nursing school.

Minimum & Recommended Laptop Requirements

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A few schools also say that your laptop should have an inbuilt webcam and microphone for taking virtual classes. As typical nursing students, we need a laptop that is light and has a full-size screen. We should get one with an Intel Core i3 processor or more and 8GB RAM.

Depending on what you want, the quality of your display will vary. Remember, you will be looking at the screen all of the time. You want to make sure that the photos are clear and text is readable. As someone who spends a lot of time looking at these mobile devices, we think it is important to have a full HD display. It will keep your eyes safe.

But the operating system and other programs still use the disk. The processor will not be using any programs that use too much CPU. That's why they recommend that you get a computer or laptop that has an Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 in it.

You will probably do most of the work on your laptop computer. We recommend that you get a phone with 16GB of RAM. It will let you do more things at the same time. Furthermore, the market now includes 32GB and 64GB RAM devices. They are not needed unless you do high-demanding tasks like 4K video editing or machine learning.

11 Best Laptops for Nursing Students in 2021

As a nursing student, you will need to find the right resources. It may include books and other things. As discussed earlier, it is important to have tools that you use for recording everything. When coping with your loved ones, there are many different ways to do that.

In order to run the Microsoft Office apps, nurses need a good keyboard, a screen that is not shiny and so they can see it when there is sun or light shining on them. They also need a computer with fast internet and lots of storage.

Higher storage and RAM is important for doing things like playing games and using data intensive programs. You wouldn't need extra resources to handle nursing software and application programs.

These devices were chosen because they are portable, easy to use, and work with the internet. After considering factors such as how often people use the laptop and what model it is, these experts made a list of 7 laptops that are worth investing in.

1. Best Overall: HP Envy 15

1. Best Overall: HP Envy 15

This is not a laptop for playing games. It has some of the features business people want. A convertible is a good thing to add to your nursing portfolio. The touch panel is easy and the security features are good.

The newest CPU can be really fast at 5 GHz. It's difficult to find a good buyer in today's market. It can be tough to find someone who has enough money and wants your house. But you don't need to give up. Make sure that your house is priced competitively with other homes in the area with prices from $300K-$750K or higher if possible. The Hexa-core processor is something that can be used for nursing students. It has 3D modeling, advanced photo editing, 1080p video editing and other demanding tasks.

Besides, the 4GB GPU is more of a luxury. You can't play games with this graphics card. But you can do recreational things like playing Fortnite and PUBG. Software that includes PEPID, medical dictionaries and Skyscape nursing solutions are based on data and calculations. The computer can process these things without any problems.

You should figure out how much software is installed. Get advice from doctors and nurses. Use medical calculators. This is one of the strong points of this computer's memory allocation, because it has 16GB for multitasking. Skyscape is a program that features 600+ resources in medicine. With the computer's RAM, it can do more easily.

HP offers Windows 10. It has the Home edition. This means that your computer won't have to wait a long time before it boots up and files will load faster. As a nursing scholar or professional, you might need a laptop with storage. The HP Envy 15 has many of the same features as a different HP computer, but now it has a 500GB hard drive that is more powerful.

HP also introduced multi-touch support. They want to make it more portable, so they can take it with them when they go places. We recommend the 1080p display with 100% sRGB color gamut and micro-edge paneling for improvement of productivity. The screen is bright and white. It is power efficiency because it has a light that ensures this. The viewing angle of the screen is very sharp, so people can use it from their office desk.

Type on the keyboard. The keyboard has keys for assignments and any other requirements you might have. This laptop has a lot of good features. You get a smooth track pad for your fingers to move on. There is an integrated fingerprint scanner that secures their files and folders. There is a camera with a physical shutter so you can take pictures or video chat during business trips. Plus the sound is amplified so you can mute the sounds when

The Envy weighs about 4 pounds. A key feature of the laptop is Vapor Chamber cooling. This helps to make it portable, but it is also great for those who are taking a break from high-end gaming.

The HP Envy 15 is a good computer for nursing students, interns, and professionals who have a budget. The Envy 15 is very long-lasting. We used it for 19 hours straight. The HP computer has two USB Type-C ports for connections. You can also use Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5, and older ports.

2. Best Runner Up: Asus ZenBook 15

2. Best Runner Up: Asus ZenBook 15

The Asus ZenBook 15 is an amazing laptop because the two screens can be used together, and the keyboard is in a different place.

The laptop has a power-efficient Intel Core i7-10510U processor. As a result of this, Intel supports Turbo Boost technology. This means that the clock speeds are 4.9GHz on average. The powerful chip is good for lots of things. It is not easy to do with the chip, but you can do it.

This package includes 3D models that show the differences of human anatomy. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GPU Max-Q is a powerful chip that can show high-end games at 1080p. The ZenBook 15 is helpful for games if you want to play a game.

The ultra-fast storage module ensures that the device boots up quickly. You get access to a computer with a 512GB SSD. NVMe-compatible SSDs are better than just an HDD. They make the demanding software load faster, and they also have other benefits. You can have a lot of different data sets. You can manage patient management databases and cloud-centric solutions. There is 16 GB of memory in the computer.

This screen is 15.6 inches and has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The screen is released into the plastic at a width of 92%. This is thanks to NanoEdge paneling technology. 4K Ultra HD panels make it easier to see all the things that are on the screen and they make images look very bright.

This design also helps to dissipate heat. Students can use the ErgoLift keyboard design to make it easy for them. It will be comfortable and they can type well. ASUS includes a keyboard that lights up, a touchpad with mouse buttons, and ScreenPad 2.0. ScreenPad 2.0 is also the place where you can listen to music from your computer's speakers!

The ZenBook 15 is 3.6 pounds and can be carried around easily. You can use this device for 9 hours. That is more than some other devices that can only be used for a few hours. You can get internet connections with HDMI and Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi 6 is also available.

The ZenBook is a laptop for nursing students that does not cost too much. It has everything you need to study and it won't be expensive.

3. Best 2-in-1: Microsoft Surface Book 3

3. Best 2-in-1: Microsoft Surface Book 3

Therefore, we can only include the Surface Book 3 on our list, because it is different from all other laptops. Detachable tablets are good for nursing students because they can be used both in classes at school and when you are doing work with a keyboard.

The GTX 1650 Max-Q GPU can be used to play games. It has 4GB of video RAM. This chip can handle any basic to demanding software need. It is short and fast. Microsoft has a computer with an Intel Core i7-1065G7 processor. The computer can reach speeds of up to 3.9GHz.

Microsoft ships their computers with Windows 10 pre-installed. This gaming laptop is the best. It has 16GB RAM which is really fast. The 256GB SSD offers fast read/write speeds, but it does not offer enough storage space. This feature makes it easy for you to find medical information. You can look at drug interactions and patient data in a matter of seconds.

As well as touch support, the Surface Books 3 has the PixelSense technology. This is good for productivity. The display is sharp and will show you the words that are in the Cyclopedic dictionary. The medical illustrations are very clear. They have a display capacity of 3000 x 2000 pixels. You will be able to see all the details, even the small ones.

Microsoft's newest devices have different ways to connect. They offer connections with Type-C, Type-A and dual Surface Connect slots for more versatile wired and wireless connections. The detachable backlit keyboard has good travel and is matched by the responsive trackpad. The gadget also includes a TPM 2.0 security chip for safer boot-ups.

This notebook is not the cheapest on our list, but it has many qualities. It can store lots of data and is very portable. The 13.5-inch laptop has a battery life of 15 to 17 hours depending on how you use it.

4. Best 4K Under Budget: Lenovo Yoga 730

4. Best 4K Under Budget: Lenovo Yoga 730

If you like tacky decoration, the Lenovo Yoga 730 is a perfect gadget to consider. Although it is not the best option, you may decide to buy an expensive 4K display if you don't have a budget.

The processor can go up to 4 times faster. The existing central processing unit can manage school applications easily. It does not matter if there are a lot of documents or spreadsheets, the CPU will be able to do it. The Yoga 730 has a powerful Intel Core i7-8550U. It is more powerful than the most laptops.

This is the next video card from NVIDIA. It has 2GB of VRAM. A dedicated graphics card is important for watching movies and illustrations. You will be able to see them in detail. This company can play games that are not as hard like the ones you play, but it can also play games where you start at a lower level.

The 4K display is very bright and has the best colors. The PRIMERA laptop is easy to use because it has a touchscreen. It also works well outside.

Other useful features for students in nursing school are a backlit keyboard that works in low-lit conditions, as well as a fingerprint scanner and touchpad that are responsive. The acoustic arrangement meets specifications.

Lenovo has an innovative way of transferring data from the ports. It is not hard to use because it can handle all the different types of ports. You can transfer data without any downtime problems. The Yoga 730 is a light laptop that weighs 4.2 pounds. It can be as light as an ultrabook. This battery lasts 9 hours before it needs to be refilled.

The Lenovo Yoga 730 is a good laptop for you. It has a 4K display, which is better than the other laptops. You are willing to spend more money if that's what it takes, but maybe not right now.

5. Best with MacOS: Apple MacBook Pro

5. Best with MacOS: Apple MacBook Pro

This is an excellent laptop for people who have to work with technology. It is good no matter what kind of technology updates there are. If you are thinking about getting a laptop, then you should think about the MacBook Pro 13. It is good with most software and it has no lag.

The Intel Core i5-8275U processor is turbo boosted and has a quad-core architecture. Furthermore, the CPU is at 3.9GHz which is compatible with most Mac supported nursing application programs.

This computer is good if you want to design graphics.

Apple makes a module that is fast and has 8GB of RAM. Storage is taken care of with a 512GB SSD. This can hold the macOS Catalina and also apps that are demanding.

The display is clear and sharp because of True Tone technology. The Retina display means that the screen looks really good. The resolution is 2560 x 1600 pixels, and it has a great color gamut. The MacBook Pro 13 has better viewing angles. It works well in bright places or outside, too.

The speaker has a webcam. It also has microphones. These are like the ones in studios. Apple has a new keyboard with 1mm key travel, a responsive trackpad and Touch ID. This computer has a special bar on the screen to make it easier for you. You can use apps without errors.

Furthermore, a 10-hour battery life makes these devices more mobile. The 13-inch MacBook Pro is a portable machine that weighs only 3.1 pounds. The device has 2 Thunderbolt 3 slots, 1 DisplayPort slot, and one USB-3.1 Gen2 slot.

The MacBook Pro 13 is expensive but it helps make sure there are no lags while you work on assignments. The MacBook Air has the same things as the Touch Bar. It has RAM, speakers, Thunderbolt 3 ports and a good display.

Apple made a big change in the release of this laptop with the inclusion of a 10 gen i3 processor. The new processor performs at par with the 8 gen i5 chipset.

6. Best for Professionals: Dell XPS 13 7390

6. Best for Professionals: Dell XPS 13 7390

This laptop is really good because it has a lot of space and system memory. It is also the brightest laptop available.

This sentence is not understandable. The CPU in this computer is good. It is very power-efficient, but it still has higher clock speeds than most CPUs. Every medical software suite (including Skyscape's PEPID nursing suite, Mendeley for journal management and Calibre for eBook organization) can all work with the 10-gen processor without any problem.

Windows 10 Home is an operating system that can be used with a work-from-home internet nursing degree. It is compatible with many types of apps. The Dell has 16GB of memory. This helps the computer do more things. The storage for this device is 1TB. That is a lot of space and it is fast. It can store files and apps with no problem. The new UHD graphics can take care of casual gaming and online visual medical illustrations. These could be a problem because this is still quality, but they are not the best for these things.

This monitor has an accurate color. People like colors. Besides, Dell includes anti-reflective properties to make it easier for people with the computer to see the sunlight. The screen is larger than expected. The display-to-body ratio is 81%. The Dell XPS 7390 is small, but it has a big screen. It has an InfinityEdge support so you can use it with your touch.

Dell monitors have powerful speakers and a durable aluminum body. The backlit keyboard is easy to use. And the webcam makes it possible to do online learning.

The Dell XPS 13 7390 is a light, thin laptop. Dell has sleek design. They also have two Thunderbolt 3 slots, a Type-C port, and other functional outputs. Wi-Fi 6 is the fastest and latest Wi-Fi connection. It is included in Dell's newest XPS 13.

This is one of the most portable laptops. It can run for more than 12 hours without charging.

7. Best Battery Life: LG Gram 15

7. Best Battery Life: LG Gram 15

As an intern, make sure you know how to charge your phone before you go out. The battery of this device is important. It lasts a long time.

This computer has good graphics. You can see things well on it and it is reliable. The Gram 13 computer has a CPU that can go up to 4.2GHz. The existing single-core performance is versatile enough to handle nearly all of the necessary nursing applications with ease.

LG has 8GB of memory. It can help you do two things at the same time. LG offers Windows 10 Home Edition and it is easy to use. You can do many things at once, such as accounting and patient information without worrying about slow systems. A 512GB SSD module is a good way to convert your data into spreadsheets. When you do this, it often feels like they are never stretched.

LG Gram laptops are great. They have Bluetooth connectivity, and a backlit keyboard. When it comes to the display, a standard LCD screen is better. It can be seen more than other technologies. The IPS LCD screen is accurate with colors, sharp to look at and has a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The Gram 15 has Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5. This laptop has a cool shape. It also has USB Type-C and HDMI ports. You can use these to connect a computer, or other device to your laptop. This will free up the data port for things like charging your phone. This gadget is one of the sleekest. It only weighs 2.4 pounds.

This laptop's battery lasts for up to 21 hours. The LG Gram 15 is not a powerful laptop. But it has a battery life that lasts all day. This product is good for schoolwork, because you can use it all day and not need to charge it.

8. Best Under Budget: Acer Swift 3

8. Best Under Budget: Acer Swift 3

We like the Swift 3. It is a laptop that has all three qualities: it's not too expensive, it has power and is also easy to carry around. This Acer Swift 3 notebook is affordable and it can run powerful nursing programs like Skyscape, Calibre, and more.

The AMD Radeon graphics card provides good visuals. This is the most powerful CPU in its category. It's not as good as some of the Intel Core i9 CPUs. Acer's new Inspiron 17 5000 Signature Edition laptop includes the AMD Ryzen 7 4700U processor. This can be boosted to a maximum clock speed of 4.1GHz

We get 8GB of memory for multitasking. Windows 10 Home Edition is an operating platform where it is easier for nurses to do their tasks. If you have a lot of storage, then this might be for you. It has a large memory that is good for storing things.

The screen at 14 inches would be best for students and professionals. The Acer has LEDs on the back of it. It is also an IPS monitor. Not only does this HD display make it easier to read, but the 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution of this screen makes it even better.

The lights on the keyboard can be helpful in low-lighting conditions. This laptop has a HD webcam, serviceable mic, and a great trackpad. It has an awesome fingerprint scanner that you can use to start up your computer easily.

This laptop is light and portable. It weighs only 2.65 pounds. A good thing about this computer is that it lets you tell Alexa what to do. This upgrade makes it so you can get a faster internet connection. Whether you want a smaller or larger chassis, Acer has good ports for devices and charging.

For battery life, you can easily get 11 hours if you use your phone moderately. This laptop is the best for its price. The processor gives you lots of power to get you through your work or school day.

9. Best Touchscreen: HP Pavilion x360

9. Best Touchscreen: HP Pavilion x360

This is a good choice if you are looking for an affordable convertible from a well-known brand. It has lots of features like the HP Pavilion x360.

The Intel UHD graphics support system lets people who are not really into gaming be able to play online games more smoothly. Let's talk about how to sell your home in today's market. It can be hard to find the right buyer who has both the money and desire for your home, but you don't need to give up. Keep in mind that buyers in this market are usually looking for homes priced from $300K-$750K, so keep your If you need to do tasks with a gadget that deals with nursing assignments, PDFs, and visual resources then 3.6GHz should be fast enough for those.

This computer has a big hard drive. It is prepared to store your files and folders. Windows 10 Home is a good operating system for the Lenovo X1 Yoga. It is better than Windows 8, and it is easy to use. HP offers eight gigabytes of memory with the Pavilion x360. That is enough for working on many things at once.

You will get beautiful speakers. The 14-inch screen is all about how clear it is, and the screen has very small edges. This IPS panel from Asus offers good resolution and can be used with many fingers. HP Design is different from other computers. It has style and features that are exclusive.

HP's Pavilion x360 is heavy and has a 360-degree hinge. This computer has three connections for a phone, a video, and a charger. Wi-Fi 6 is a new way to get the internet. The connection is fast and stable. It will be when it comes out. The hinge layout of the Hourglass protector is underrated. It is essential for durability.

HP has many wonderful features. One of these is that it will last a long time on battery power. The Pavilion x360 is the best deal because it is a good balance of price and quality.

10. Best Ultrabook: Asus ZenBook 13

10. Best Ultrabook: Asus ZenBook 13

The Zenbook 13 has enough battery life, storage, and memory for the price. It is a good value. The Asus ZenBook 13 is a laptop that has a lot of good features, including networking technology. Parents will like this laptop because it can do both things well. The ultra-portable laptop is helpful for nursing students, and also for people in other fields such as history.

The computer can handle all day-to-day things that happen in school. The Intel Core i5-1005G1 can clock up to 3.6 GHz, making it a powerful and uncommon component. In coordination with the Intel UHD Graphics chipset, a laptop can be used for editing photos and video footage.

This is the 10th anniversary of Windows 10. It is pre-installed in this Zenbook. This computer has fast speeds for loading data and smoothly running all the programs.

The screen is 13.3 inches big and has a high quality resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The screen is big. You can see more on the screen than before because it has a big edge.

The camera on the Asus VivoBook X541UV-XS71T has infrared face recognition. This keyboard has a hinge that tilts the keyboard to make it easier for people to type. The Zenbook has a keyboard with lights and a number pad. The touchpad is easy to use. It has good gesture recognition, so you can move it around and it will work.

The notebook has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This laptop has two USB-C ports, one Gen 2 Type-A and HDMI. A laptop is light and made of steel. It is 2.62 pounds and easy to carry around.

The battery life on my laptop is 22 hours. The battery should last long enough for a few school sessions and longer flights if you use it wisely. It is good to have a laptop with a powerful processor, RAM and an SSD. It will not break the bank.

11. Best Chromebook: Google PixelBook Go

11. Best Chromebook: Google PixelBook Go

If you like to use cloud-based patient data management and online medical resources, Google's PixelBook Go is a good way to go.

The new type of chip can go to a really high speed. It is good for running software as a service, but you might need more memory if you want to use it for other things. Intel UHD 615 integrated graphics allows you to play games on the internet. The Intel Core i5-8200Y is powerful enough for a Chromebook. This means that it will be fast enough to do the things people want to do on a Chromebook.

Chromebooks are not as good as laptops, but they are perfect for students who want to use the Internet. Experts say that 8GB is enough for four 1080p videos and 30 Chrome tabs. Gamers will be able to store their games on the Intel 540 SSD.

This gadget has a screen that is 1080p, so it is very impressive. This laptop is very easy to use. All you have to do is touch the screen and it works. The screen has lots of sunlight coming in so you can see it very well. If the interest rates go up or down, you may need to adjust your mortgage payments.

PixelBooks are innovative. They have a keyboard that is quiet and keys that are easy to press. The super-slim gadget is lightweight and it is easy to carry. It only weighs 2.3 pounds. The laptop has a big touchpad and speakers on the top. The webcam is good quality. It also has microphones.

The battery lasts up to 12 hours. Chromebooks use a new type of chip called a Titan Chip. It makes sure that you can start the Chromebook securely. This laptop is thin and light. It has two Type-C ports for connecting with other devices. You will also have good wireless connections because it's Instant Tethering.

If you want to stay on your Chromebook for your school work, the Pixelbook Go is worth getting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do nursing students require high-end processors?

For nursing software and applications, 9th or 10th generation Intel Core i7 H-series processors are not necessary. You can have a U-series processor. It is good because it has strong performances and is efficient--it doesn't take much power.

What kind of display is usually preferred by nursing interns?

A touch screen is easier to use than a computer with a glossy screen. Sunlight is a key factor in the display of your phone. To choose a high-quality screen, make sure you look for one with a matte surface that lets sunlight be seen more clearly.

What is the preferred RAM capacity for handling massive patient data sets and medical resources?

Controllers with 8GB RAM can reach high speeds, but the more capacity your controller has, the better. If you prefer to work with illustrations or patient management online, then a 16GB RAM is recommended.

Can Chromebooks be useful for nursing students?

Windows powered laptops are good for nursing. They have everything you need and you can use them on the go. Even though online resources have changed, people still really rely on them for information. Chromebooks make it easier for you to do work if you are not at the school. This is because people can use Microsoft Office and Google Docs.

Which laptop form factor is beneficial for nursing students and professionals?

The 14-inch monitor is light and small. It is quick for viewing your course materials. There are two types of convertible laptops. One is 2-in-1 and the other one is only a laptop. They have different form factors and some of them have touch support. Swapping between laptop mode and tablet mode will depend on how the gadget is being used.

The Verdict

These laptop models are for students who want to become nurses. If you are looking for a laptop, you may find another laptop that is better than the one you first saw.

A 4K UHD screen will be good for you if you spend a lot of time on the internet. If you plan on using your laptop all day, 8GB of RAM is the minimum requirement for an Intel I Core.

Portability is good, and it should be a part of your display. The laptop should not need a dedicated graphic processor unless you want to play games on it. This laptop is a good choice for nursing students because it has a long battery life. A machine with 8GB of RAM is the best for most people. A laptop with 16GB would be better for some people.

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