12 Best Thunderbolt 3 Laptops For High-Speed Connectivity in 2021

You can charge the port at speeds up to 100 watts. Which laptop is best for you? There are some that are compatible with Thunderbolt ports. But which one is the best? Thunderbolt 3 is a port in newer laptops. You can use it to transfer data faster or connect an eGPU for more gaming graphics power. It can also be used to attach multiple 4K monitors.

There are many laptops with this port. Not all of them have similar performance, though. Circumstances may require a re-evaluation of current guidelines. This is not to say that the guidelines are wrong, but there may be an opportunity to provide more clarity and direction. We looked at the features a phone needs to have. Then, we came up with twelve options for you.

Do you need a Thunderbolt 3 Laptop?

Faster internet is a good thing. When people want to buy computers, they should look for faster internet. Buying a laptop means looking at the ports. There are different things to consider, but ports are important. USB 3.1 is a new technology and it has faster speeds than USB 3.0. But some people are waiting for Thunderbolt 3 ports because they have faster speeds.

This device has three different ways to show information. It has HDMI and DisplayPort and a new kind called USB Type-C. The USB 3.1 Type-C can transfer data at 10 Gbps, but the Thunderbolt 3 transfers at 40 Gbps.

The Type-C port supports one 4K display. The Thunderbolt 3 supports up to six displays at once. This is where the similarities stop. The Thunderbolt 3 is also backward compatible. This means that every Thunderbolt 3 slot will also be USB Type-C compatible. Both USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports can be plugged in any way. And they use the same outlet for power.

You should get a laptop with a thunderbolt 3 port only if the following conditions are met:

Minimum & Recommended System Requirements

12 Best Thunderbolt 3 Laptops in 2021

If you are looking to buy a laptop that has Thunderbolt 3 ports, it can do more than just regular things. Thunderbolt is 4 times faster than HDMI. It also supports DisplayPort and PCI Express. It transfers data much more quickly. Thunderbolt even supports high-end gaming too!

You should get a laptop with enough power for the things you want to do on it.

1. Best Overall: MSI GS65 Stealth 002

1. Best Overall: MSI GS65 Stealth 002

MSI's Stealth 002 is one of the laptops with a Thunderbolt 3 port.

MSI laptops have an Intel Core i7-8750H SoC. It has a base clocking speed of 2.2GHz. It also comes with a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 GPU and 8GB of VRAM, which means that this computer can handle any game you play.

The company offers a Windows 10 operating system on their devices. This laptop has a storage that is really good. It is fast and it feels like you have lots of storage. 32GB of RAM is a lot. If you do 3D modeling, data science, professional gaming, and machine learning then they are good for you.

However, you can connect up to 4 more monitors for an even better experience. Some people might think you need a fast computer to play video games, but you don't. This is because this computer has a screen that refreshes at 144 times each second. In today's market, it is hard to find the right buyer for your home. It can be tough to find someone with enough money and who also wants your home. But you do not need to give up. Make sure that you list your house at a price that is competitive with other homes in the area with prices from $300K

Apart from the touchpad being made of silicone, it also can recognize gestures and it is very responsive. MSI's keyboard can take a lot of getting used to because they are not like other keyboards. But they are also good because you can customize it to work just how you want. We found that the keyboard was not as good as on Apple MacBooks. But we found it to be smoother during tests.

The laptop weighs less than five pounds and is still sleek. The Max-Q design of the GS65 Stealth provides it with extra slimness. This is a gold-trimmed door with a dragon logo and cooling system with 6 copper pipes and many fans.

This power adapter is much slimmer than other gadgets. MSI also has a legacy option. MSI stands for Microstar International. They have HDMI and DisplayPort which will let you connect to your TV or computer screen. The ports on this computer are nice. It has one with a Thunderbolt 3, then two with USB-C, and one for Type-A.

Your laptop has a backup battery life of 9 hours. Protect your home and office from thieves with the NERF N-Strike Elite DoubleHive Defender Blaster. The MSI GAMING Schenker XMG A515 has good wireless, LAN, and bluetooth. It's really good for getting through the day.

2. Best Runner Up: Razer Blade 15

2. Best Runner Up: Razer Blade 15

The Thunderbolt 3 port of the Razer Blade 15 is very useful. You can do a lot with it. This gadget is really cool. It has lots of ways you can connect to other things.

You get a new computer with a good graphics card. This computer has a fast and strong CPU that lets it run games well. The base clock speed for the laptop is around 2.6 GHz which can be turbocharged to 4.5GHz. The NVidia GeForce RTX 2060 GPU with the same amount of VRAM will give you a better gaming experience.

Windows 10 is the operating system that comes on a laptop from Razer. This device has 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. If you buy the RTX version, you get a 512GB SSD storage unit and a slot for hard drives.

This laptop has a screen that is good for playing games and watching TV. It's also good for other fun stuff. The AMOLED panel allows you to use 100% sRGB colors and a 144Hz screen refresh rate, making it an excellent tool for gaming.

The keyboard and touchpad on this device have lights that are backlit. This computer has a built-in speaker and webcam. It also has a great sound.

The Razer Blade 15 is light. It weighs less than 5 pounds. The computer has a strong metal on the back. This will help it stay up. This gadget is slim and has lots of hardware. It is only 0.78-inch thick.

Razer has a fast Ethernet connection and can connect to the internet using Wi-Fi. One of the good things about this phone is that it can do 4K displays and gaming. The gadget has a USB 3.1 port and other ports, too: USB Type-C, Type-A, Mini Display, and HDMI.

The Razer Blade 15 is a powerful gadget. It has a lot of different ways to connect with other devices. The base model can have up to 6 hours of power. If you want more power, buy the RTX model which has an IPS panel. It is more energy efficient so it will last longer and won't need as much charging.

3. Best From Apple: Apple MacBook Pro

3. Best From Apple: Apple MacBook Pro

A lot of people think that MacBook computers are the best. They have good functionality, history in advances and processing power. The MacBook Pro 16 is no exception to resourcefulness. It is the perfect laptop for those who are looking for it.

Additionally, Apple comes with an AMD Radeon Pro 5300M GPU. It also has 4GB of functional VRAM. The 9th generation of MacBook Pro has a new kind of processor. The base speed is 2.6GHz, which is very fast. Apple has created a new MacBook Pro with a 13-inch screen that is less powerful. It's less expensive and doesn't need to be as powerful because it is not used for as much work.

The operating system on the device is Mac OS X Cheetah. The device has 16GB of RAM and a 512GB storage unit.

The Retina Display also offers the P3 color spectrum, which is a range of colors that is very good. The resolution of this gadget is 16 inches. The screen has a total resolution of 3072 x 1920 pixels.

This microphone has a dual-cancellation design, 6 speakers, and it is powerful. Macbooks are a good choice because they have a keyboard that is easy to use. You can also login by using your fingerprint.

The USB-C ports on the device allow for compatibility with older devices, but it can be difficult to rely on this laptop when there are not any other ports. Despite it being heavy, Apple's MacBook Pro is very sturdy. This version has 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports. These are the fastest possible data transfer speeds. There is also space for an external 6K display, like a TV or monitor.

This battery lasts 11 hours. If you need to connect high-end devices, buy the new MacBook Pro. It has four Thunderbolt 3 ports that let you do this. You should get one of the MacBook Pro 13 inch with 256GB SSD and two Thunderbolt 4 ports.

4. Best 2-in-1 Convertible: HP Spectre x360 15t

4. Best 2-in-1 Convertible: HP Spectre x360 15t

While there are many notebooks with similar features, the convertible laptop is different because it is both professional and personal. At the end, we want you to think about buying the HP Spectre x360 15t. This computer can be used outside and has a lot of power.

The HP houses the Intel Core i7-9750H processor. It is powerful and can do things like video editing, 3D rendering, and other tasks. The TB3 port helps these things get a high-speed boost. The mobile SoC in the Spectre x360 15t helps it to be faster because the processor supports HyperThreading and a hexa-core architecture.

This GPU is powerful and has 4 gigabytes of RAM. This graphics card can handle most games and other creative processes. One of the best things about the GeForce GTX 1650 is that it can be connected to an external display using Thunderbolt 3. That means this graphics card has awesome performance.

The 16GB Dual-Socketed RAM is able to process data at 2666MHz. The HP 15-DA0019WM has a large 1TB storage capacity. It also has an NVMe compatible SSD module. When you turn on this computer, it will start up quickly. It is also easy to use. The computer starts up quickly because it has a solid state drive that holds lots of programs.

HP offers a touch screen panel with Gorilla Glass protection and WLED back-lit technology. This laptop is bigger than many other laptops on the market and it has a screen that's even better.

The convertible weighs less than 5 pounds but it is not light enough to be used with just one hand. The Spectre x360 15t is a laptop with a clear sound and many other features. It is great for productivity as well, and has four speakers, an attached keypad, a front-facing camera that can take 1080p pictures and digital microphones. The design of the laptop (it is in 360 degrees) also helps it to be

The HP Spectre has a 4K screen and promises 15 hours of battery life. The connectivity suite on the device has 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports. This means you can charge it, set up workflows, and do data transfers at 40Gbps. The device has an HDMI 2.0 port, Type-C USB 3.1 slot, SD card reader, and Bluetooth 5 combo as well as Wi-Fi 6 powered by Intel.

If you want a laptop with portability and Thunderbolt 3, the HP Spectre x360 15t also has stylus input.

5. Best Desktop Replacement: Acer Predator Helios 500

5. Best Desktop Replacement: Acer Predator Helios 500

Desktop computer for you? Consider the Acer Predator Helios 500. This laptop has a lot of features that are helpful for those who have a business.

Base clock speed on the processor is 2.2GHz. This can be turbocharged depending on what you want. In order to provide a good experience, this laptop has an Intel Core i7-8750H CPU. Acer has a powerful graphics card that is called the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070. It has 8GB of VRAM which means it can produce really good pictures.

Acer offers Windows 10 Home edition as their installed operating system. You can store content onto a 512GB SSD or 1TB HDD. This computer has a lot of power because it has 16GB of RAM.

The display on this laptop is 17.3 inches wide and it can show 1920 x 1080 pixels at once. The existing display panel is capable of showing a refreshing 144Hz.

Acer has a type of keyboard that lights up. The specifications of the laptop are: (1) dual speakers, (2) a webcam and microphone. Acer Predator Helios is heavier than expected. The reason for this is the thermal cooling design.

The battery module only offers a 4-hour backup if it is used heavily. When you have a laptop with Thunderbolt 3, then you can mix and match devices. This will help your computer do better in gaming. This computer has four USB ports. There are three with USB outputs and one that is all-encompassing.

The Predator Helios 500 is a great computer. It's a good computer for people who are really good at games and want to use all the features.

6. Best with GTX 1050 Ti: Asus ZenBook Pro 15

6. Best with GTX 1050 Ti: Asus ZenBook Pro 15

If you want a laptop that has everything, this one is for you. The Asus ZenBook Pro 15 is very helpful for your work. The laptop does not limit you and is always useful.

The processor is helped by 16GB of RAM. The storage is handled by a 512GB solid-state drive. Gaming and video editing requirements are easily handled by the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU. This is because it has 4GB of VRAM. The ZenBook Pro 15 has an excellent computer. It has a computer chip called the Intel Core i7-8750H SoC.

The 15.6 inch LCD screen has a total resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The wide-angle screen is a clear picture. It is visible to the person viewing it and to anyone else in the room. The UHD (Ultra High Definition) panel has an 83% display-to-body ratio. This means that the screen is much bigger than any other monitor. It can be used as a piece of modern art in your home.

This keyboard is lit up with a shiny silver that lights up the whole keyboard. The notebook has three pipes that make it cool. This device has a good speaker that makes music sound better. This means that the touchpad on the tablet is also very good. It supports many gestures, too.

The ZenBook Pro 15 has a unibody chassis. It is light-weight and only weighs 4.2 pounds. The ports on this device are easy to use. They are right next to each other and work well. An Asus computer has one small, two full-sized, and one type C port. These have 10gbps transfer speeds. An HDMI output is also provided.

The battery in this device lasts for up to 9.5 hours without needing to be recharged. The Asus ZenBook Pro 15 is a computer that has lots of good things about it. It's great because it has a good display and also plenty of ways to connect to the internet.

7. Best Workstation: HP Zbook 15V G5

7. Best Workstation: HP Zbook 15V G5

The new HP Zbook 15V G5 laptops are a powerful type of laptop. They are good for work and school.

This laptop has a processor inside of it. It is designed to be more useful, so it can help you do your work. This desktop PC has a 2.2 GHz CPU and a Quadro P600 GPU, which is fast for their size class.

This product has a standout feature. You get access to 32GB of RAM. This means that your computer can do many tasks at the same time and work faster. HP has made a new computer that is 2TB. It has a hard drive and an SSD. The hard drive makes the computer faster and the SSD increases storage capacity.

The computer screen supports multitouch. Multitouch is important for work. The touch screen display is over 15 inches. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

This gadget has a fingerprint scanner. This makes it more secure. This laptop is lit up when you type. It moves quickly to what you touch on the pad. The features of this product include built-in speakers, a HD camera and an integrated microphone.

Thunderbolt 3 makes it possible to have a connection with other devices and controllers. The gadget is 0.00955 inches thick and only weighs 4.72 pounds. The HP Zbook 15V G5 is a laptop that can be used in many different places. The laptop is strong and tough so you can use it in difficult conditions. This workstation has USB 3.1 ports, an HDMI port, and a Thunderbolt 3 port.

This battery does not charge enough. The HP Zbook 15V G5 is a computer for 3D modeling. It's designed for 3D modeling, product development, and other drafting tools.

8. Best For Students: Dell XPS 13 9300

8. Best For Students: Dell XPS 13 9300

This new laptop is the best. It has a nice touchscreen and so many other cool features.

The Intel Iris Plus Graphics is a powerful GPU that provides excellent graphics. We will be able to get the SoC up to turbo clocking speeds of up to 3.9GHz and it will have 8MB of cache memory built-in. This company's newest product, the Intel Core i7-1065G7 Mobile Chipset, many people call it Kaby Lake Refresh.

The new PCIe storage on the laptop will make it faster for you to use. This device has a RAM capacity of 16GB and 512GB of ROM.

This company provides an EyeSafe technology to reduce eyestrain. The Dell computer has a screen that is 13.4 inches. It also has a high resolution, which means it is sharp and easy to see. The InfinityEdge IPS panel has Gorilla Glass on the front. It is strong and can help your screen not break. The HP ENVY 7736 has a screen that is big and clear. The screen has 1920 x 1200 pixels and Dolby Vision technology to make it even better.

The keyboard is a lot of fun. It looks good and the touchpad is easy to use. In addition to a HD webcam, Dell also has facial recognition. The company also has other features that are new. One is a sensor to tell you when the lid is open and another is cooling with two pipes that make it perfect.

Dell has other I/O slots, Wi-Fi 6 and exceptional Bluetooth connectivity. The XPS 13 is a lightweight laptop. This device has two ports. One is for connecting to other devices, and the other is for playing games. This company does not compromise on durability. It is made with aluminum and it only weighs 2.8 pounds. This means that it is easy to carry around when you are traveling!

This product offers a 19-hour continuous power backup when moderate usage is observed. So, if you want a touch laptop and not a convertible, then Dell XPS 13 9300 is an option worth your attention.

9. Best Budget MacBook: Apple MacBook Air

9. Best Budget MacBook: Apple MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is a good device for people who want it. They are professional-caliber devices, but they might not be the one you want. This device can be upgraded to work for different people. It is a way to get more out of your phone.

Intel Core i5 10th-generation processor is great for people looking for a good price and performance. The computer has a GPU that is good for gaming or other applications. The chip is clocked at up to 3.8GHz and has four cores.

The MacBook Air has 8GB of RAM. The device has a big, fast, and responsive hard drive that is 512 GB. The operating system is the application you use on your computer. It is called Mac OS X.

This display is better because it has a resolution of 2560 x 1600. That means that the colors will look better and are 48% better. The Retina Display on the 13.3-inch screen provides True Tone technology, which evens out the differences in room temperature and makes it easier to see detail.

The company has put a new keyboard on their computers. It is called Magic and it has 1mm key travel. This computer has a camera and microphone. It also has speakers that are high quality. Along with the new trackpad, there is a fingerprint scanner called Touch ID. This helps you unlock your phone.

The Macbook Air is a computer that has been designed with a sleek and slim design. The MacBook Pro's ports support other devices. These include 4K monitors and external GPUs for more professional functionality. This device has three USB ports. One is for the newest technology. The other two are for older things like speakers and printers.

The old battery in this computer will last for 12 hours. The Air does not have as much power as the Pro model. This can be limiting for some tasks.

10. Best with Intel i5: Lenovo ThinkPad T480

10. Best with Intel i5: Lenovo ThinkPad T480

Lenovo has a new ThinkPad that is like a desktop in a laptop. You can do anything on it, but the screen is not there.

The Intel UHD 620 graphics processing unit is built in and it does what we expect. This Intel Core i5-8250U processor can go up to 3.40GHz when it needs to get going.

Lenovo has released a new device for businesses. It comes with Windows 10 Pro. The ThinkPad has a lot of RAM. It also has access to the cache, which is quick.

11. Best Battery Life: Lenovo Yoga 730

11. Best Battery Life: Lenovo Yoga 730

12. Cheapest Option: Acer Swift 3

12. Cheapest Option: Acer Swift 3

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