8 Best Touchscreen Laptops Under $500 in 2021

Touch screens are very popular with smartphones and tablets. Touchscreens are a type of digital screen that has become very popular. They have been designed to be more intuitive.

A budget of $500 is enough money for an everyday computer. It is not a very good computer, but you can do some things with it.

You can either spend more money or decide if the device you have chosen has all the features/specs you need. Freedom 251 sells laptops for $800 or less. This is a good price for a laptop that has all the features you need.

Advantages of Touchscreen Laptops

The experience will feel just as fluid and dynamic as if you were using a touchscreen phone or tablet.

Joanna Newsom, Freedom 251

Disadvantages of Touchscreen Laptops

Best Touchscreen Laptops Under $500 in 2021

However, if you are looking for the best option, consider the 500 dollar ballpark. Touchscreens are a little more expensive than regular screens. That is why most touchscreen laptops for less than $500 might not have a GPU, or they will have some other problem.

1. Best Overall: Lenovo Ideapad 3

1. Best Overall: Lenovo Ideapad 3

Touch screen laptops are easier to use because you can do the things you want without using a mouse.

This processor is pretty good. It can go as fast as 3.4 GHz in turbo mode. The i3 processor is really fast. It can do basic work and it can also do heavy media. The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 has an Intel Core i3-1005G1 chipset. It is in the sub-$500 price point.

The processor is supported by the 8 GB memory. The Intel UHD coprocessor is a good unit that can be used for online gaming. You can use the computer's memory to do things quickly. It is fast.

Windows 10 S Mode boots up faster than other operating systems can on the same hard drive. The on-board storage is not large enough for our expectations, but it still justifies the low price. In addition, the Lenovo Yoga Book also has a 256GB SSD. It is compatible with PCI-e.

The viewing angles on the laptop are very good, even when they are at 1366 x 768. This laptop has a screen that is 15.6 inches and it has very good contrast! This laptop has a touch panel that is responsive and rare to find on other laptops.

Furthermore, you will also get an HD webcam and microphone for staying connected. The IdeaPad 3 is still light. It has battery life that lasts for nine hours. If you are a writer or copywriter, then the use of your computer without backlit support does not slow down productivity.

The new Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is really good and has a nice price. Lenovo has a sleek design. It is also light. They make room for powerful things, like Wi-Fi 5 and HDMI.

2. Best Runner Up: HP 14

2. Best Runner Up: HP 14

Not all laptop that you are going to buy is bad. If you look deep into it, then you might find one that is good for your money.

This 256GB SSD gives you a lot of space and speed. It has a graphics card with Vega 3 technology. It is great for light gaming. This device has 8GB of RAM, so it can do anything. The laptop has a new AMD processor. It can handle 20 tabs from Chrome without slowing down.

The 1366 x 768 screen is a good size for people. It costs less. This laptop has a 14-inch screen and it provides good color contrast. This machine stays cool and does not heat up easily, even when it is under a lot of pressure. You can also play games on your computer but because they are old, they don't have good graphics.

The keys have a clear font. The keyboard is comfortable and easy to type on. However, it does not have a backlit screen that is common in cheaper laptops.

The HP logo is in the center. This umbrella is lightweight. It's easy to carry it with you. This is the slimmest machine and it weighs 3.25 pounds.

This laptop has many ports. They are spread out on the laptop. This computer has a USB 3.1 Gen 1 that you can use if you want. It also has two USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type A ports and an HDMI 1.4b port on it so you can connect things to your computer and do stuff with them like watch movies or play games!

This is wrong. A fully charged battery lasts for about 7 hours. This is really good.

This laptop is strong enough for the things you need to do and other things. The laptop has a display and an AMD CPU, which are usually found in higher-end laptops. Overall, the HP 14 laptop is a good buy. It has good performance and it is not too expensive.

3. Best for Artists: Microsoft Surface Pro 4

3. Best for Artists: Microsoft Surface Pro 4

This laptop is very good. It's better than other laptops. Microsoft's new Surface Pro 4 is the best tablet/laptop on the market.

This laptop has a powerful processor that can do many things quickly. It does not slow down or have any problems with running smoothly. The Intel HD 520 Graphics can run most of the modern PC games at medium quality.

Transfer speeds are much faster on flash drives than on hard drives. You will get a 256GB SSD with read and write speeds of 928 MB/s. This laptop has 4 GB of RAM, which is enough to meet all your daily needs. This device would not take long to work. You can open and get files on the drive quickly.

The laptop has a work keyboard that is pretty and it is easy to use. The device has a big screen and the best quality for screens of its size. The Surface Pen is helpful for art students and artists. It can also be used by other students in fields like Law studies, Medical school, etc., to take notes and do research.

This laptop is designed for when you are traveling. It only weighs 1.3 pounds so it will fit in a backpack. The kickstand is a part of Microsoft's Surface Pro 4. It makes the laptop different from others because it can be used in many ways. The angle can be adjusted to fit on different surfaces so that you can use your laptop in many ways.

I don't know what the problem is with the connection. This means that in portrait orientation, the phone will fall out of a tablet. The USB and Mini-Display ports are on the right side of your Surface Pro when you're using a keyboard.

The headphone jack is on top of the device. This charger has a USB port. It can charge any device that charges with USB. This device is a good replacement for traditional laptops. It costs the same as a laptop, but does more. The battery on the Surface Pro 4 lasts about four hours. But if you use a plug that is plugged into a laptop, it will last for 8 hours or more, depending on what you are doing with your device.

4. Best for Business: HP 14-inch

4. Best for Business: HP 14-inch

If you want a laptop that will be good for your personal life and also good for a business, the HP 14-inch touch screen laptop with AMD Ryzen 3-3200U is a great choice.

The Zen+ processor is 12 millimeters wide. This laptop is perfect for people who need both personal and business needs. The R3 chipset has four cores and eight threads. New 16nm die is faster and uses less energy than before. This laptop is 14 inches. It has a CPU that runs at 2.6Ghz and an AMD Ryzen 3-3200U.

This laptop has two RAM slots. This laptop has a better performance than the other ones. It is 20-30% faster. You can use an 8GB RAM for professional tasks like editing spreadsheets and graphics.

The laptop has a 256GB SSD that is better than a hard drive. Although this laptop is not as fast as the models we have mentioned, it has a quicker boot-up time and opens files much more quickly than a traditional hard drive.

Vega 3 also has graphics that are built-in. This graphics card will allow you to play some light games. This laptop has a screen that is 14 inches big. It also has LED lighting which makes it bright and easy to see. The resolution is 1366 x 768, which means the picture will be good and not fuzzy at all. The Lenovo P27 is an excellent choice if you are considering a new monitor. It's good for energy conservation and has great graphics.

It also has a webcam and BlueTooth. It also has WiFi. This laptop is 3.25 pounds and easy to carry around with you. It's light weight. On both sides of the device are two USB ports. One is for charging. The other one is for plugging in things like a mouse or keyboard. There is also an HDMI port and an audio jack port.

This computer has a good performance and the graphics are just right. It is affordable too. The 8-hour battery life is good for people who go to meetings all day or have long periods away from a charger.

5. Best for Students: Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5

5. Best for Students: Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5

This laptop is tough. It can handle anything. Lenovo's Ideapad Flex 5 is a computer that can do anything. It is good for playing games and doing work.

The Ideapad Flex 5 is a computer that has an AMD Ryzen 3 4300U processor. This offers a fast and responsive experience for under $500. Two-factor authentication is a way of protecting your account. You can't use someone else's password if they don't have it too. This laptop has a good way to show people your home. People will ask questions that you can answer. Do the open house on days people don't have work. Then they can come for a visit, and they might buy it!

It has 128GB of storage. This not only gives you a place to put your laptop, but also makes it faster. This laptop has four gigabytes of RAM. That is enough to do your professional and everyday tasks.

The screen is 14 inches and full 1080p. This is perfect for an improved entertainment system. It will be more creative and productive.

The keyboard is made to be sleek and comfortable. It is designed to be easy for you to type on. The device does not have a stylus pen and we are not sure if it is compatible. The Ideapad Flex 5 has a touch screen so you can draw and make changes to pictures.

The laptop has three ports. Two of them are for connecting cables. One is for a power cord. This laptop is heavy. It has a very big battery that makes it heavy.

This device has a great battery life, a good display, and it is fast. This laptop lasts a long time without charging. It can be on for 10 hours before needing to be plugged in. Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5 is a laptop that is perfect for business.

6. Best 2-in-1: Dell Inspiron 14 5481

6. Best 2-in-1: Dell Inspiron 14 5481

The design is new and it has some cool features that will impress you. The Dell Inspiron 14 5481 laptop is a two-in-one device that is both capable and affordable.

The Intel i3-8145U is a powerful CPU for laptops and ChromeBooks. This computer has Intel UHD 620 graphics. It does an excellent job of performing everyday tasks with no hassles.

This server will give you enough storage for what you need. It is fast too. It has 4GB of RAM and 128 GB of SSD storage. You can open up the case and replace or upgrade the parts.

The picture quality is not the best, but it is still a good price. You have to make some compromises in life and this is one of them. I can poke the touchscreen and it reacts well. I can also tap on it with my finger. This laptop has a screen that is 14 inches wide and it can show pictures in HD.

With this new feature, this laptop is better than other laptops. The wide touchpad makes it possible to do more than just swipe or tap. The Dell Inspiron 14 5481 is a computer with a big keyboard that is easy for you to reach.

Windows 10 will automatically adjust to where you are touching. You can also use it on a desktop, tablet or remote computer. Tablet mode is when you hold your laptop with the keyboard down. Tent mode is when you hold the laptop like a tablet but with the keyboard down.

This phone can connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The model is 8 inches wide, 12 inches tall, and 9 inches deep. It weighs 2 pounds and 9 ounces. This computer has four ports including one USB 2.0, audio jack, HDMI port, the two USB 3.0s and an SD card slot for photos.

It lasts for about 8 hours. Compared to other kinds of laptops, this one has a better battery life. Your phone will be more limited, but it will give you an Android Phone. When you compare the Dell Inspiron 14 5481 2-in-1 convertible laptop to other laptops in its price range, it is better because it costs less.

7. Best Chromebook: Asus Chromebook Flip C434

7. Best Chromebook: Asus Chromebook Flip C434

The vivid display and color discrimination will catch your attention. The Asus Chromebook Flip C434 is a very good Chromebook. The Chromebook, your favorite computer, has improved. The design is better and it now performs better. This laptop has a screen that is 14 inches wide and it has a 1080p resolution. It also has the full HD resolution.

The Chromebook Flip C434 has an Intel Core M3-8100Y processor. This gives you high speeds. This laptop has a good processor and Intel HD Graphics 615, which means that your computer will work well. You can also do more than one thing at the same time.

The 4GB RAM on this computer lets you open multiple tabs on the internet. The phone has a 64GB e MMC storage for storing your life memories, applications, and work updates.

The Chromebook Flip C434's keyboard is a very nice experience to type on. The island-style keyboard is a comfortable keyboard for typing. The keys are spread out and have stylish fonts.

This Chromebook Flip C434 laptop is very sleek looking. The car is surprising. It looks shiny and new. This device can turn into a tablet if you want.

The 3.1 pound laptop is light and thin. The laptop has many ports. It has 1 USB 3.1 Type-A port, 2 USB Type-C ports, and a headphone/microphone jack.

This Asus Touchscreen Chromebook lasts longer than other ones. This medicine lasts for 10 hours. It is perfect for always-on-the-run students.

This is a good device. It has a long battery life and a big screen. The Asus Chromebook Flip C434 is much better than the Asus Chromebook Flip C302.

8. Best Compact Laptop: Microsoft Surface Go

8. Best Compact Laptop: Microsoft Surface Go

Microsoft has made a new tablet that is smarter and better than other tablets. If you are looking for a computer tablet, and you want Windows on it, then this should be your best choice.

This laptop has a lot of things. I like it. It is the best one. The Intel HD 615 graphics are a good way to play light games. Intel Pentium Gold processor 4415Y is perfect for the things you do every day. You can email, surf the web, watch videos, and edit documents with it.

This monitor is 1800 pixels wide and 1200 pixels tall. This tablet computer has a screen that works well with Windows 10 software. The touch-sensitive display is about 10 inches. Do you want to look at the internet or buy stock? Maybe you should try using the computer. You can do lots of things on it.

The Surface Pen is also good for drawing and taking notes.

This keyboard is easy to type on and it makes writing short documents or emails easier. The cover of the tablet is optional and it charges to the bottom of the tablet when closed. This is hard during the day but at night it's easy.

This laptop has cameras on both the front and back. This phone has a camera on the front. It can detect faces and it is good for tablets too.

This device can be put in your bag and carried around. This laptop also has a battery life of 9 hours. This is good for students because they can use it for a long time without charging it. Microsoft is offering this laptop that is only 1.15 pounds. It's the lightest laptop they have on offer which makes it easier to carry around.

This is a great alternative to the iPad if you are a Windows fan. If you want a laptop that is the same as any other laptop, Microsoft has what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are touchscreen laptops easy to use?

Seniors like touchscreen laptops. Touch-screen laptops are easy to use. You just need to touch the screen instead of using a mouse and keyboard. Laptops today often have a touchscreen. This makes them more user-friendly because you can use your fingers to point and click on things instead of using the mouse.

What is the difference between a touchscreen and a 2-in-1 laptop?

Touchscreen laptops have a keyboard that is built-in. The 2-in-1 hybrid convertible laptops have a keyboard that you can take off when you want to use the laptop as a tablet.

Why would I want to buy a touchscreen laptop?

It is like a regular laptop, but better. Touchscreens are a way to touch your computer. You can do more things with them.


These laptops have style and substance. They look good and work well. These models will impress you. They have sleek design and better display features. Touch-screen laptops are popular. They are on the market and people buy them there. These laptops are specially designed to make it easier for you to use your laptop.

This laptop has a long battery life and is well designed. It also performs very well. Touch screens can be expensive, but you do not need to buy the most expensive one. You can find a cheaper one.

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