How to Speed Up a Windows Laptop? [12 Easy Methods]

He said that the computer got slower after installing a few programs. He really liked it, but after a while the computer was not working very well. Last week, we received a message from one of our readers. The reader told us that the laptop they had been using for a few weeks was slow and asked if we could suggest another. He said that the laptop is not a high-end one but has an Intel i3 processor, 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD. When I open the Notepad app on it, it takes 3-5 minutes.

We looked at your laptop for about 17 hours. Then we found some things that could impact how it works. Previously, opening heavier programs took a long time to load. The people who made the software fixed it so that it loads quickly. Now it takes just 1-2 seconds to open Notepad and Windows search. Even heavy resource intensive web browsers like Google Chrome are speedy now too.

This is not true. Old laptops are not slower than new ones. It all depends on what materials the furniture was made of and what junk has been stored with it. It is hard to install the desired software units. They may not work after you do this.

12 Simple Ways to Speed Up a Windows Laptop/PC

This is a list of steps that are easy to do. It will only take 30-40 minutes. There are a few ways to make your computer work better. You can do things like format or upgrade the following:

1. Turn Off Real-time Protection

Windows 10 includes a feature that lets your computer scan for viruses in real time. An antivirus app can protect your phone. Running scans all the time might make it work less fast. If your laptop has a solid-state drive, it doesn't have much lag. If it has a hard disk drive, the disk usage is very high and usually around 90%-100%.

To stop Windows 10 from scanning your files, follow these steps.

Windows Defender is not a safe program because it can't do tasks. If you use other antivirus software, disable the continuous scanning feature.

2. Add Virtual Memory in Windows

I am not sure. When you use Windows, you can create a virtual memory (paging file). This is a part of your hard drive. This is best suited to a system with an SSD and less RAM. If you had a solid-state drive, would your computer be slow? Basically, if you run too many programs on a computer with limited RAM, then you will not be able to use them all.

A hard disk drive is slower than the RAM. But when the RAM is not enough, it does some of the work too. This helps to make sure that there's enough RAM for other things that need more resources. Install virtual memory in Windows 10 by following these steps:

3. Using the Windows Performance Troubleshooter

You can fix it with the click of a button. The first step in troubleshooting is to do a systematic process. The Windows operating system lets you find any problems on your computer that could be slowing it down. If you have a lot of files running on the computer, then this way will tell you which ones are taking up the most space. Troubleshooting problems with your phone:

4. Clear Junk Files

Windows provides a Disk Cleanup option that helps you free up space on your hard drive. Windows can delete junk files and cache automatically. Your computer needs to rest sometimes. You can do this by deleting the junk files so it has room to work.

Defragmenting your hard drive is very time-consuming and you never know when new junk files will come. The Mac OS is the same as an Apple MacBook. People who own Apple MacBooks can switch to the Mac OS. Under your Windows OS, there is a process called defragmentation.

But cleaning up your recycle bin will help. You can also put garbage in it. Delete any files that you don't need on your computer.

This process is helpful on macOS. It will not work if you are using a solid state drive.

5. Upgrade the RAM

But sometimes, an economic slowdown is due to this. If you invest a small amount of money, it will grow bigger in the long run. Upgrading the RAM in your computer might seem like a good idea, but it is only worth it if you are sure that you will need more. If you have a machine with 4-6 gigabytes of RAM and it has been running heavy apps for a long time, the machine may slow down.

A quick search online for the best RAM can cost little. It is not free. Don't buy a new computer without first checking your laptop's website for RAM upgrades. Windows-based laptops can upgrade their RAM, but many models cannot have as much as they want.

The more RAM you add, the more it will take up part of your system. You can use your laptop to do more than one thing at the same time. This will make it faster.

6. Upgrade to the SSD

Solid State Drives are more expensive than hard drives but they have better capacity and performance. Hard disks need parts to move data. They don't have movable parts, so they last a long time.

Solid State Drives may be more expensive than traditional hard drives. If you need more space, a Mac will have an SSD drive. Laptop prices have been going up for a long time. Now they are not as high as they were before. You can still get one too!

You can add about 4TB of storage to your Macbook Pro. This will be in the form of a SSD. Some of the steps are technical and you don't need to know them. Get someone who knows more about the system to help you.

7. Scan for Virus or Malware

To avoid problems, you need to fix the system first. To protect your Windows from malicious attacks, you should keep Windows Defender updated. A virus or malware might be slowing down your PC.

Antivirus software that are well-known are Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, Avast Antivirus and Bitdefender. The free version of the software or service can be used to see if it is worth buying.

8. Limit Startup Programs

If this happened, the programs that caused it should be turned off. Do your programs take a long time to start up. But once you are past that wait, it runs smoothly?

To stop your computer from being slow, you need to close some programs that open when your computer starts. One of the worst things that could happen to your computer is if it runs slower than before. It might not work as well, too. Even if you have used a particular operating system for a long time, sometimes certain programs automatically start when you turn on your computer.

What applications are you not aware of? So it is better to delete whichever you do not need from your ongoing apps. To use the Task Manager, you need to open it before logging off. You will see a list of all the start up applications on your computer.

Simply open the Activity Monitor and remove applications like you would on a Mac. You can do this same process on macOS.

9. Delete Programs You NEVER Use

To get more space on your device, you can uninstall apps that you don't use. If you have an app on your phone that you don't use, it can take a lot of time to delete the app. For example, you might be playing games that you don't like and they are taking up too much space. It is not like removing files.

Some antivirus software might not work with a device. This could make it slower and take up more of the device's memory. Donating something and getting different items will prevent you from buying more things. It can be done with the pre-installed programs, or you can download and install them from the store. If you have too many browser on your computer, it can slow your computer down.

10. Shut Down your Laptop more Often

The problem lies here. Once we change the system, there will be no going back. Even if your device turns off or leaves sleep mode, it is still working. People who use their laptop or PC for work may not turn it off.

We need to tell people about this. Your computer needs to do all the work it has in store. Every time you install a new application, your computer needs to restart. This is because it will allow all the programs on the computer to work smoothly. This is the only reason that you need to shut down your system at least once a week. When you make changes, then it is safe to shut down your system.

11. Turn off Visual Effects

So you can turn it down or off. You can turn off the visuals in your home. Or you could make them less. Some people want the screen to look better. This can use up some of your computer's resources. You can control how you see things. You can decide whether they are transparent or not. You can also make things shadowed or not shadowed as you want. Running apps in the background when your phone is not charging, like playing music, can hurt your battery life. It might also make it harder for you to do other things on the phone.

Some people found that they could limit the Visual Effects by changing some settings.

12. Format your System

Before that, you should make a copy of all your data. If all else fails, you can try one last solution. If you format your data without saving it, you're wasting your time. In today's market, it is hard to find the right buyer for your home. It can be tough to find someone with enough money and who also wants your home. But you do not need to give up. Make sure that you list your house at a price that is competitive with other homes in the area with prices from $300K

As a result, the systems that were affected by malware are fixed. Furthermore, you should make sure that your computer has the latest operating system and then download all of the files on the computer.

Yes, it's a tiring and hard process. Sometimes it doesn't work.


If you want to make your laptop faster, remove unnecessary programs. When you look at your screen, you may have already noticed the effects it has on your eyesight. If you don't care about how it looks, then you can save electricity by making the system go to sleep when it is not being used.

It needs to be cared for properly. If you do that, it will not cause problems in the long-term. Some people think that a preventative solution is better than a reactionary one. And this sentence is saying the same thing. It also applies to this sentence. The bottom line is that if you have more data, the system will run slower. This sentence is hard to understand. The author is saying that it's not in your best interest to increase the RAM, install a new SSD, or reinstall the operating system.

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